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Pie de Página is a Spanish-language independent journalism outlet made up of a network of journalists focused on information that explains the causes and consequences that decisions by powerful groups have on the daily life of the people.

The Cost of Caring for the Land: Attacks on Communities in Resistance in Mexico

By Analy S. NuñoIn the last decade, indigenous and mestizo communities in Michoacán, Jalisco, and Colima have confronted developers, mining and other extractive industries, governmental authorities, and criminal gangs to protect their territories from...

Mexico: Communities in Michoacán Organize Against Cartels, Mining and the State

By Analy S. NuñoThe arrests of social leaders in Michoacán is related to land grabs for resource extraction. Recently freed after four years in prison, Agustín Villanueva — a community police member in Aquila...