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It turns out South-Central Indiana isn’t such a placid spot after all. Cop racism provokes clashes in Evansville. Repression on the Secure Housing Unit leads to prisoner protests in Wabash Valley. When farmers and eco-anarchists organize against I-69, they are hounded and crushed. Close to home, the belt is being tightened with more and more restrictions on public benefits and the always-rising tuitions at IU and Ivy Tech, alongside enhanced police budgets to keep in line those who object. These tensions are our starting point: not for an abstract politics, but a will to expose these violent contradictions, and to struggle within them. Rififi Bloomington will aggregate news and events from a variety of sources and tendencies, with the understanding that locally, we have a choice: to watch passively as the world’s rulers impose austerity and repression globally and at home, or to coordinate our struggles and take control of our lives.

Bloomington, IN: Community Picnic to Take Back People’s Park!

When: Sunday, June 18th at 4pm This week, Bloomington Police began to occupy People’s Park, heightening policing and surveillance, harassing community members into leaving the park, and preventing food sharing and basic habitation of the...

Bloomington, IN: Banner for May Day

Banner dropped at Indiana University in Bloomington in support of May Day actions.

Bloomington, IN: Taking on Murray

In the early afternoon on April 11th, 2017, students chalked outside of Franklin Hall: “Pseudo-science advances one racist at a time.” Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, would arrive at Indiana University that...

Bloomington: Solidarity Assembly and Action with Standing Rock

From Riffi Bloomington On Sunday, 30 October 2016, nearly 40 Bloomington community members gathered publicly to build solidarity in resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). DAPL is being built to carry crude oil from North Dakota...

Call-In to Stop Torture at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility

From Riffi Bloomington  Please call Wabash Valley Correctional Facility Superintendent Richard Brown and Indiana Department of Corrections Commissioner Bruce Lemmon to protest the ongoing torture of inmates in disciplinary segregation at WVCF! More information below.* Richard Brown: (812)...

In Memory of Clinton “Boo” Gilkie, A Premature Death

From Riffi  Download Flyer Here Clinton “Boo” Gilkie was held in the Monroe County Jail since he was 16 after a failed robbery using a toy gun. He was set to be released from jail in late...

“End Prison Slavery” Banner

From Rififi Banner hanging over the 45/46 Bypass north of Bloomington.  Not having received a statement, we can’t be sure what it’s referencing, but prisoners in Texas are currently on strike.

Bloomington: Demo for Tamir Rice 12/29

From Rififi Within 24-hours of the announcement that the cops who murdered Tamir Rice would not be indicted, more than 50 people marched in Bloomington.  After a short rally and speakout, demonstrators took the street...

Banner drop in solidarity with anarchist prisoners

From Rififi Bloomington Received and posted: A banner was hung in Bloomington in response to the call for an international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, August 23-30.