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AboutThe Screwston Anti-fascist Committee is an organization formed in 2016 and dedicated to building resistance to fascism and the far-right in Houston, Texas. We draw inspiration from a long history of revolutionary anti-fascism in Houston and beyond, including Houston Anti-Racist Action in the 2000s and the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee in the 1970s and 80s. We also draw on a much longer history of fierce resistance to white supremacy, settler-colonialism, patriarchy, hetero-sexism, authoritarianism, and capitalism, particularly in the South.

Video: Anti-Fascists Confront Neo-Nazi Outside His Home in Houston

Report from a recent antifascist action in Houston, Texas that includes a video and more. For background information on Paul Preston and neo-Nazi and Alt-Right activity in the area, check out Scewston Antifascist Committee. On...

Self-Identified Fascist Madison Hebert Working at First Community Credit Union

Antifascists in Texas out a local neo-Nazis connected to the group, Patriot Front. Madison Noelle Hebert is a self-identified fascist who currently works as a bank teller on the “float team” (workers who float between...

Getting to Know Patriot Front in Texas and Its Leadership Structure

Antifascists in Texas map out the organization structural of Patriot Front, one of the few active neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups to continue into the present day after the failure of Unite the Right. Analysis...

Houston, TX: New Antifascist Posters

Antifascists in Houston present a new poster as well as a time-lapsed video on how they made it. Members of our committee made some cute new Anti-Fascist posters that can be printed and pasted around...

Fascists Exposed at the University of Houston

The following report from Houston, Texas outlines various far-Right and neo-Nazi organizers who have been active at the University of Houston. The Landscape"One of the students who was targeted by the flyers was seen running...