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Antifa in Washington DC.

Mass Mobilization Against the Alt-Right in DC, August 10-12

The following is a call for a robust mobilization and defense of the Washington DC area, as a collection of neo-Nazis, Alt-Right trolls, and white supremacists prepare to converge. CW: Right wing violence. Photo from...

November 18th DC: From Resistance to Revolution, Antifascism Teach-In

Social Media Event Here November 18th 3:30 PM St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church - Washington, DC2017 has been a year of strong resistance, but where is it heading? How does the left in DC build...

Washington DC: Antifa UnMasked: A Day of Learning

Social Media Event HereAntifa is badass But not in a scary way (unless you’re a Nazi) And really, racists should be afraid to be racistYou might have heard of masked rabble-rousers in Berkeley chasing off professional racist,...