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The Torch Network is a network of Militant antifascists across (but not limited to) the united states. We are born out of, and pay our respects to, the Anti-Racist Action Network. We are dedicated to confronting fascism and other element of oppression. We believe in direct action.

Jack “Pale Horse” Corbin ‘Antifa Hunter’ Exposed

Editor's Note: Since this article was first published, it was found out that 'Jack Corbin' is in fact someone else, and the man previously thought to be him, was in-fact another far-Right troll who...

Gainesville, FL: Large Anti-Racist Mobilization to Oppose White Nationalist Richard Spencer, October 19th

We are calling for anti-racists from throughout the South to travel and oppose white power leader Richard Spencer, who will speak at the University of Florida in Gainesville on October 19th. Our aim is...