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The Torch Network is a network of Militant antifascists across (but not limited to) the united states. We are born out of, and pay our respects to, the Anti-Racist Action Network. We are dedicated to confronting fascism and other element of oppression. We believe in direct action.

Jack “Pale Horse” Corbin ‘Antifa Hunter’ Exposed

It must have come as quite a surprise to prominent 8chan troll and frequent antifascist doxxer Jack “Pale Horse” Corbin when he found himself on the receiving end of the same odious tactics he...

Gainesville, FL: Large Anti-Racist Mobilization to Oppose White Nationalist Richard Spencer, October 19th

We are calling for anti-racists from throughout the South to travel and oppose white power leader Richard Spencer, who will speak at the University of Florida in Gainesville on October 19th. Our aim is...