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Jun 18, 16

Avenge Orlando!

From Conflict MN

49 dead, 53 others injured. The massacre in Orlando, Florida was a horrifying reminder of the world we live in. A world that would love nothing more than to see us dead. We’re used to this. We were used to in when the NYPD attacked the Stonewall Inn. We were used to it when Ronald Reagan turned a blind eye and ignored us as AIDS slowly and methodically slaughtered us by the tens of thousands. We were used to it when we were kicked out of our homes and put out on the street for being brave enough to come out. We were used to it when Cece Macdonald was prosecuted for defending herself against racist transphobes. We were used to it when we saw our friends committing suicide and no one seemed to care.



But just because we’re used to it doesn’t mean we are any less angry. On the contrary, we are fucking pissed. We’re pissed off that the State has focused on Omar Mateen’s religion and not on his toxic masculinity. We’re pissed off that 49 of our Latinx queer and trans siblings were murdered and the only thing that is going to come of it is more bombs dropped on innocent people overseas. We’re pissed off that the conversation has turned towards gun control that would only give the state even more repressive power during a time when arming for self-defense seems to be the only rational choice in the face of a potential Trump presidency or more of the same neoliberalism, mass incarceration, and police terrorism under Hillary Clinton. We’re pissed off because we’re sick of being killed just for trying to exist.


But we’re not ones for standing by and just venting our frustrations and then going on about our day unphased. We can’t abide that. So a couple of us decided to go out last night and paint the town black. This is just the first step though. We want anyone who reads this to be inspired to take action on their own, we encourage you readers to take autonomous actions on behalf of our siblings who were murdered in Orlando and so many others who will die due to the structural violence of racism, transphobia, and patriarchy. But most importantly, we want you to get organized. Because while on our own we might just be a weak little twig, but when we bundle together well…you know the rest.



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