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Feb 13, 18

“What They Awakened”: Audio Documentary on Defense of Chicano Park

In the following audio documentary about the defense of Chicano Park in San Diego, located in the working-class neighborhood of Logan Heights, we discuss what all went down on February 3rd, when over 1,000 people came out to stand up to a collection of far-Right Trump supporters, Alt-Right trolls, and pseudo-militia members.

Antonio Foreman approaches Joey Gibson during clashes outside of Chicano Park.

In the first section, we play some audio clips about how the far-Right trolls and MAGA muppets quickly fell into disarray, causing many of them to viciously fight with each other. Coming all the way from Portland, Joey Gibson was also seen and heard on various livestreams approaching members of the United National Patriot Front , which is lead by Antonio Foreman, the former body guard of the neo-Nazi livestreamer Baked Alaska, both of whom attended the neo-Nazi rally, Unite the Right, in Charlottesville.

Gibson is heard telling another far-Right protester that he will, “Ask the Alt-Right guys,” for support, as he attempts to rally his troops to go across the street to confront the “Mexicans and antifa.” Gibson and friends then attempted to enter the park from various side streets, only to be rebuffed by the crowd. At a certain point, police decided it was time to leave, and offered to escort the far-Right trolls back to their cars, leading to various confrontations and clashes. We end the first section by showing how various factions within the far-Right demonstration ended the night by attacking each other for being “cucks,” and recording every second of it.

Far-Right protesters break out into a fight with each other during their rally against Chicano Park.

In the second part of the podcast, we spoke with a cross section of anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and antifascist organizers in the San Diego area who all have a connection to the liberated territory of Chicano Park, as well ask why local far-Right organizers have attempted to single out the park as a flash point. In detail, we talk about how local organizers navigated the terrain and worked to create a space that protected both the park and the hundreds and hundreds that came out to defend it, in the face of a potentially violent police force and far-Right protesters.

Rally at Chicano Park grows to over 1,000 as only 50 far-Right trolls fight with each other close by.

This year will see the 48th anniversary of Chicano Park and those we spoke with in the interview are excited about the future, and stated repeatedly that the mobilization brought together a wide range of organizations and individuals and awakened a new sense of collective strength. Where this power and capacity will be put towards next is anyone’s guess, but local organizers are excited about the future.

More Info: San Diego Community Mobilizes to Defend Chicano Park, official Chicano Park website, and Far-Right Trolls Outnumbered at Chicano Park, Fight Among Each Other

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