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Feb 6, 23

Banner Dropped in front of Home of Neo-Nazi Liam MacNeil of NSC-131

Report on recent banner drop outside of the Boston, MA area against neo-Nazi organizer, Liam MacNeil.

Fascists deserve no fucking home.

Tonight we put a banner up in front of neo-Nazi dipshit Liam MacNeil’s residence. To those who are lucky enough to not know who Liam is – he is a prominent member of the Nazi gang, Nationalist Social Club, or NSC-131, which has been harassing the good people of Boston since 2019. To learn more about Liam and NSC, visit Fash Alert.

Info-graphic circulated by antifascists online about Liam

MacNeil has been the target of previous doxxing campaigns for his Nazi beliefs and behaviors, which made finding his parent’s address in Waltham very easy. For this reason, we thought it would be courteous of us to beautify the neighborhood. The banner read, “Nazi Liam MacNeil Lives Near Here.” Friends and neighbors are encouraged to make the MacNeil family know that their continued support for neo-Nazi organizing and white supremacy in Boston is unacceptable. To make sure that the MacNeils don’t quickly forget this, we secured the banner to an adjacent fence with super-glued carabiners, as opposed to using zipties which can be easily cut.

Nazis will not live with impunity to terrorize Queer people, Black people, Jewish people, disabled people, and our fellow anarchist comrades.

To NSC: Follow your leader, you fucking clowns. We are numerous and are everywhere.

To our comrades: Although NSC itself poses little threat to our movement, we must crush fascism at the molecular level. Stand up to all forms of fascism by calling out white supremacy, queerphobia, and ableism, whenever you see it! Bring up the emergence of fascism to your friends, neighbors, union reps, and tinder dates. Put up stickers, browse FashwatchMA, and organize affinity groups to continue this work!

Wherever it rears its ugly head, we must crush these goons and their state-sanctioned accomplices who protect them. On the societal level, fascism remains a threat to all people! No Pasaran!


– Gracious Radical Leftists Defending Intersectional Kin (GRLDIK)

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