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Apr 11, 17

“Based Stickman” Calls Berkeley Residents “Cocksuckers” & “Cowards” in Park, Confronted by Skaters

On Monday, April 10th, Kyle Chapman, (also known as “Based Stickman” among Trump supporters and racists in the Alt-Right), took to the streets of downtown Berkeley, CA along with three others supporters to walk around MLK Park. The Park is where members of the Alt-Right plan to organize a rally on Saturday April 15th, which will feature neo-Nazis such as ‘Baked Alaska,” writers for Richard Spencer’s ‘’ website, and Lauren Southern, a racist anti-immigrant social media talking head. The event is organized by Richard Black of Southern California.

Since March 4th, Chapman has became a “living meme” in neo-Nazi, Alt-Right, and Trump circles, despite that fact that he and his friends were beat up and confronted by a much larger crowd and had to flee due to lack of police protection. After the 4th, Chapman made the rounds on various far-Right podcasts milking his mild-celebrity. In the past weeks, not content with just sitting around and trying to cheat on his partner through dating apps, he has taken numerous photos of himself walking around Berkeley, posting flyers for the upcoming Alt-Right rally on April 15th.

On April 10th, Chapman seemed intent on showing his viewers and followers on social media that by coming out to Berkeley, people on the Right have nothing to fear. In his first video, he talks about how Berkeley is the “neo-Marxist capitol of the world,” and that most residents are “cowards” and “couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.”

Mentioning the people around him, who were also armed with knives and sticks, and presumed to be members of the Proud Boys, he says “I got my boys with me, there’s four of us here. We could be outnumbered by antifa, by BAMN, or any of these other cocksuckers.”

Pausing for a moment, he talks about the necessity to “win” on April 15th. “We got this, we’re gonna win – gonna win big. It’s gonna be a win for freedom loving Western men.” He then goes on to say that the 15th will not be a place for women and that “this is a time for men to be men” and “this shit isn’t for women” because it is “not what they are designed to do.”

Chapman goes on to argue that the 15th will be the starting point for the Alt-Right to begin to move on to fighting “Islamification” of the West and the “neo-Marxists.” Last month, the group Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) documented that Chapman was a fan of various white nationalist, Alt-Right, and neo-Nazi groups, as shown on his Facebook page.

After noticing a group of skateboarders across the park, (Chapman calls them “derelicts”), Chapman is then seen in another video walking away from the park (seen here) as several skateboarders walk behind him. In another video posted on his Facebook page, Chapman takes a swing at one of the skaters, while others defend themselves. As Chapman the “Alt-Knight” is struck in the face with a skateboard, the video ends.

According to police records, Chapman was picked up by police in almost the exactly same place that he was arrested last time on March 4th, while wearing the exact same clothes and carrying the exact same weapons. It appears that Chapman was also released right after. In earlier videos, Chapman bragged that the Berkeley police were nice to him and applauded him for attacking counter-protesters.

First off, fuck Chapman. This chump lives in Daly City, south of San Francisco and he has to bring his lame ass all the way to Berkeley to call people names and harass young people of color for skateboarding?! FUCK THIS MAN. He’s a total tool, and he’s being used by neo-Nazis, Alt-Right talking heads, and wannabe Alex Jones basement dwellers to sell a racist, nationalist, and violent ideology. People that stand up to this walking pile of feces deserve an award and tasty ice cold beverage.

Second, Chapman is getting special treatment from the Berkeley police. In past demonstrations against the eviction of the Albany Bulb in nearby Albany, or at Occupy Oakland, local police threw harsh sentences at people which included stay away orders, meaning, for the crime of marching or blockading a road, they couldn’t return to a certain geographic location for fear of arrest. Moreover, these crimes had nothing to do with physical violence against human beings. The police are playing soft ball with Chapman and are sending a message that far-Right, fascist violence is accepted, as long as it is aimed at POC skaters in a park, or anarchist and anti-fascist demonstrators. The age old slogan still rings true, cops and klan, hand in hand!

All power to the based skate kids!

All out to shut down the Alt-Right on April 15th!

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