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Jan 2, 20

Black Socialists of America on Building Dual Power in an Age of Crisis

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with Z from Black Socialists of America about the group, building dual power in an age of automation, fascism, and growing ecological crisis, their work with Cooperation Jackson, and the spectacle of the upcoming capitalist elections.

Central to the project of Black Socialists of America is the drive to build dual power institutions, or as the old saying goes: building a new world in the shell of the old. The group is interested in projects ranging from worker cooperatives to community land trusts; projects which groups like Cooperation Jackson have already begun to put into place.

A part of the growing Symbiosis Network and drawing from a wide range of anti-capitalist tendencies ranging from Marxism, libertarian socialism, and municipalism, our guest from Black Socialists of America argues that anti-capitalists must get serious and organized, both in terms of confronting the threats both to the future of the planet and the working-class, but also in order to create a viable alternative to the existing systems of domination.

More Info: Black Socialists of America website, fundraiser, on Twitter, Cooperation Jackson website, Jackson Rising book, Symbiosis Network.

Music: Saul Williams

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