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Apr 14, 16

Bloc Party: Revolt on the Inside, Revolt on the Outside

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

The warm weather is here, and prison rebels are wasting no time to get moving. After the short-lived but intense revolt in Holman Prison in Alabama, Texas prison rebels called for a work stoppage to start on April 5th. That shit certainly kicked off, but for many obvious reasons communication from folks on the inside has been difficult. On the first day of the strike, officials from 7 facilities claimed that they were on “lockdown”, and as of the beginning of this week, there are still 4 on lockdown. Of course, we know this is just a bullshit way to obscure the strikes that are popping off in several facilities. Authorities have been censoring mail and other communications, making it difficult to tell how folks are doing inside, and how many are left on strike. We have also heard from organizers than since the prisoners run the kitchen, they are not receiving adequate food, being thrown two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a day.

There have been small solidarity actions popping up across the country, mostly aimed at spreading awareness of the strike, while also mentioning Alabama and attempting to prep people for whats coming in September. Locations that claimed solidarity with Texas rebels so far have been New York City, Milwaukee, Providence, Fayetteville, Kansas City, Tucson, Phoenix, Austin, and Houston. We are in contact with support organizers and have word that there are more solidarity actions being planned in other places. While most cities tended to hold small demos and distribute flyers, we heard Houston held an assembly to discuss future solidarity efforts with prisoners. This has us looking forward to September, and would encourage further gatherings everywhere to get ready to really roll out hard for prisoners across the country. What has been going on inside and outside with Texas rebels is a great preview to what could be accomplished in September. While visibility is something that can help keep people on the inside safer and put pressure on prison authorities, what more can we do to actually interfere and halt the functioning of prison society? What tactics and strategies are available to us on the outside that aren’t so easy on the inside? If we really want to see this shit burn, its got to happen everywhere! Looking just to the south, in Mexico, what have anarchists been doing to intensify struggle on the outside as rebels intensify inside? These are questions we want to ask ourselves and our friends as we use this summer to build and prepare for whats coming this fall.

Before we get to other prisoner related news, we also want to give a shout out to UC Davis for getting caught in your bumbling efforts to erase the famous pepper spray incident from the fucking internet. Are y’all even serious? You even spent somewhere around $175,000 to do it? Nice use of that tuition money, assholes. Good thing we could find so many angles from one google search!

Now for some more of that news from the Bloc:

When we’re writing prisoners it is vital that we read through the mail guidelines and suggestions that are available from their support sites. Some prisoners want you to send them radical literature and keep them updated on the rowdiness that is going down on the outside. Some do not or cannot due to their specific situations. Casey Brezik sent a letter out explaining a little more about his own situation and guidelines regarding mail sent to him:

Please be thoughtful regarding what you send me. Materials on inciting riots, advocating violence or insulting the pigs will not be allowed in. I’m under heavy surveillance which is almost certain to follow me upon my release. The secret service, FBI, Missouri Highway Patrol and the KCPD served the search warrant on my house. I was already under investigation by the FBI following my expedited deportation from Canada due to my involvement in the G20 protests in June 2010. Three months later I pulled this stunt. They even have an alias I was using as an illegal in Mexico…Interpol revealed my true identity in that case.

It’s not cool when I’m getting pulled out of my cell to be interrogated by the gang task force at the request of some unknown entities. Next time it could very well be a 3 letter agency. So, be smart. If you want to show me solidarity, try to do so without expressing your hatred for those who have control of most every aspect of my life, including whether or not I receive my mail. Just think about what you’re sending me before you send it. I know they have some pretty twisted rules, but that’s just the way it is. Just because you can send me something doesn’t mean you should. User your better judgement please, because chances are if you don’t I’ll be paying the consequences in the long run. Thank you.


Casey Brezik

Casey Brezik looks on during a hearing Monday, June 10, 2013 in Kansas City, Mo. A Jackson County judge on Monday sentenced Brezik, 25, to 12 years in prison for the attacks on Al Dimmitt and another Metropolitan Community College official just before a scheduled appearance at the school s Penn Valley campus by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon. (AP Photo/The Kansas City Star, Keith Myers)

This is a solid reminder from Casey that we could all take into serious consideration. Writing to prisoners is a simple act of solidarity, but it is not without risks for both those in custody of the state and those who are on the outside. There can be ramifications for everyone, most importantly for the person who is held captive. Please write carefully and be certain that the person you are writing wants the things you are sending. NYC ABC has a great, quick to read resource on writing prisoners that is worth reading through.


Tyler Lang is currently serving a 6-month house arrest sentence for freeing 2,000 mink from a fur farm, which later closed for business as a result. Because the state continues to bleed everyone of every possible petty penny, Tyler has to pay to be on house arrest and for the use of an ankle monitor. If you donate $3 that pays for one day of the ankle monitor fee. If you have more to spare, please do so! When we support our friends and comrades in the aftermath of struggles like this it is not only a support to them personally, but it serves to embolden us all to take greater risks knowing folks have our backs. Tyler is also gathering donations for medical for their sweet kitty, Precious, who was diagnosed with some serious medical conditions. Here is what Tyler’s support folks had to say:

Tyler has a broken heel and is on crutches, and is thus unable to work. So, he could use support during this period as he is confined at home and his injury is healing.

If you’re able to, please make a donation to the support fund to help both Tyler and Kevin as they transition into these next phases of sentencing.

Tyler also has an online wish list that you can visit to buy him items (which will be mailed directly to him) that will help him in these next months.

Tyler appreciates all the love and support that have been shown to him and Kevin since their indictment. Let’s continue to show them that they have a community that cares about them.

Yesterday Jay Chase of the NATO 3 pleaded guilty to the secondary charge and will receive an additional one year sentence in the Illinois State Department of Corrections. Jay’s support folks made a brief update on the support site, but said more details will be forthcoming. This is likely to be an emotional time for Jay, so your letters of support and solidarity would mean the world right now. You can write Jay at:

Jared Chase M44710
Pontiac Correctional Center
PO Box 99
Pontiac, Illinois 61764

It looks like the wastes of human life at CCA Leavenworth are fucking with Eric King’s mail once again. This time it isn’t just directed at Eric, but at his entire pod at the prison. While mail has since resumed, CCA continue to try and harass inmates in Eric’s pod every way they can:

Yesterday, April 13th, Eric and the rest of his pod received all the withheld mail.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the last call for support and sent off postcards, and letters to EK. Let’s keep those letters and postcards coming though!  As always the mail means so much to Eric while he’s going through each and every struggle there at CCA Leavenworth.

In addition to the mail finally coming in yesterday it was also the day that Eric filed a grievance in regards to there not being enough chairs for everyone in the pod.This means that some individuals  in his pod are having to actually sit on the floor or on their bed when eating breakfast , lunch , and dinner.Today in response to the grievance, all of the chairs were removed from the pod and it was stated that nobody in the pod has medical clearance to be assigned a chair. Now everyone in the unit is having to eat while on the floor or on their bed. As per usual at CCA, a reasonable request is met with irrational and abusive responses.

This is what EK continues to go through, so let’s let him know we are out here thinking of him , and fighting for him.

EK Support Crew

In some good news, Rebecca Rubin has been moved to a half-way house. Earth First! reports that:

Rebecca Rubin has been released and moved into a halfway house! Sentenced in 2014 to five years in federal prison for numerous Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front actions—including the arsons of Vail Ski Resort and US Forest Industries, as well as liberating horses from and burning down BLM Wild Horse Facilities in California and Oregon—Rebecca is out of prison almost a year and a half before an expected release date of September, 2017. Glad you’re out, Rebecca!

Don’t forget Rebecca’s birthday on April 18th!

We firmly believe that we need to know our enemies. Our enemies don’t just come in the form of state actors, but also those who are willing to do the bidding of the state. We also need to do what we can to neutralize, if not incapacitate, our enemies whenever possible. In an effort to do just that the Earth First! Newswire released information on snitchy Suzanne Nicole Savoie, former ELF cell member who turned state’s witness after being charged in the Superior Lumber Co. arson in Glendale, Oregon. Suzanne is teaching a workshop on creating pollinator habitat at the Living On Your Land Conference in Grants Pass, Oregon on April 16th. You can find out more about Savoie on the “About us” page of the Klamath-Siskiyou Native Seeds website. Earth First folks had this to say:

Individuals who have cooperated with or worked for the State in an effort to monitor and/or repress ecological resistance movements can never be trusted again in activist circles or resistance movements.

Increasing pollinator habitat is an important topic, and we hope that people interested in it will seek guidance and teaching from trustworthy individuals to further this work for the wild.

For more information on Savoie and other informants see the Earth First! Informant Tracker.

We don’t suggest getting your information on supporting pollinators in their fight for survival from snitches or those who apologize for them. Fucking gross.


Speaking of knowing our enemies, we recently ran across this handy guide to white supremacist symbols and imagery. As the far right continues to gain traction and popularity, being able to quickly identify fascist bullshit is ever important. Out in Atlanta folks are gearing up to counter the Stone Mountain gathering of the klan:

On April 23rd, the Ku Klux Klan and white nationalists are holding a white power march on Stone Mountain. On the same evening, a racist concert gathering will be held at a yet to be disclosed location. We are coordinating a mass gathering on Stone Mountain to shut down the march and disrupt further white supremacist efforts.

We are mobilizing locally and nationally for a show of anti-racist power on April 23rd at Stone Mountain. Our gathering time and location will be announced closer to the date—keep an eye out for updates.

This is rapidly approaching and we hope that folks who can’t make it down to the deep south will find ways of showing their solidarity from afar! We know y’all are pretty creative out there in anarchy land. We trust you can raise a ruckus wherever you are and folks in Atlanta will certainly receive the message.

Don’t forget to donate here to help with any possible arrests that might occur out there!

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.49.37 PM

The same weekend as shit will be popping off with antifa in Atlanta, folks in Philly will be turning up for a weekend of resistance in support of Mumia’s fight against the prison’s horrendous medical care and lack of treatment for Hep C.

There are a number of Black Liberation prisoners in New York state who will be appearing or have already appeared before the parole board this year. Herman Bell was recently denied parole, making this the 8th time he has appeared and been rejected for release. Maliki Shakur Latine has an April parole board appearance. Both Jalil Muntaqim and Robert Seth Hayes will be appearing in June. All of these folks could use a letter of love and support:

Robert Seth Hayes #74-A-2280
Sullivan Correctional Facility
Post Office Box 116
Fallsburg, New York 12733-0116

Jalil Muntaqim* #77-A-4283
Attica Correctional Facility
Post Office Box 149
Attica, New York 14011-0149

Maliki S. Latine #81A4469
Shawangunk Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 700
Wallkill, New York 12589

Herman Bell #79C0262
Great Meadow Correctional Facility
11739 State Route 22
P.O. Box 51
Comstock, New York 12821-0051

We found this great interview with Ashanti Alston that is well worth a listen. Put this one on while you send a letter our to Ashanti’s comrade, Russell Maroon Shoats:

Russell Shoats
#AF-3855 SCI-Graterford
P.O. Box 246 Route 29
Graterford, PA 19426 – 0246

Finally, we would like to give a small shout out to anarchist nerds in the Bay area who have created a black bloc tabletop game, Bloc by Bloc. Basically, we want this. Wait, security culture. Allegedly we want this game. If we can’t get the dumpster fires started on the streets, we can at least get them started on the board in the meantime! It turns out you can download a rad print and play ready version of the game and until the fancy version gets produced you can hone your skills that way.


Keep your heads up friends, your hearts full and your baseball bats at the ready always…

– Your friendly career bad kids 

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