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Mar 22, 22

Blockade of Ratheon Facility in Cambridge Protests War Profiteering from the Ukraine to Yemen

Report on blockade and disruption of war profiteering corporation, Raytheon, in so-called Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more info, go here.

On March 22nd, a group of people took over the roof of a Raytheon’s facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Raytheon’s parking garage was also blockaded and a disruption took place in the facility’s main lobby. Protesters demanded that Raytheon stop profiting from war, genocide and colonial violence.

According to a post on social media:

Raytheon is the largest producer of guided missiles in the world and is the second largest military contractor. They have made billions in profits from Israel’s occupation of Palestine, Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen, the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They also have numerous contracts with ICE and other border enforcement agencies around the world.

Raytheon’s CEO Greg Haye’s delights at the violence that he contributes to. In January, he declared “I fully expect we’re going to see benefit” and “opportunities for international sales” from the potential of a war in Ukraine, and escalations with the war on Yemen.

Via Twtter @resist_abolish

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked global outrage and a new wave of anti-war energy. We believe it is essential that this movement grow to oppose all wars and colonial occupations; including Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen, Israel’s occupation of Palestine, and all forms of U.S. imperialism.

Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. During that invasion and subsequent U.S. occupation, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed, while corporations like Raytheon reaped in billions of profits.

A full breakdown of Raytheon’s war crimes and human rights violations can be found here.

We will keep taking action until we Shut Down Raytheon and abolish the military industrial complex.

Raytheon must be shut down. Join our resistance.

You can also donate to support this action.

Via Twitter at @resist_abolish

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