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Jul 4, 22

Bloomington, MN: Banners Dropped in Remembrance of Isak Aden

Report on banner drop action in so-called Bloomington, Minnesota, in remembrance of Isak Aden, killed by police in 2019.

On July 2nd, 2019, officers from the Bloomington and Eagan Police Departments murdered Isak Aden in Eagan. Isak was 23 years old when he was murdered, his life cut short by torture and isolation and subsequent execution by the armed enforcers of racist state violence.

On that day, Isak was cornered by 90 cops, armored vehicles, and snipers. They claim it was a “stand off” but how can 90 police officers be in a stand off with one person? Once again, white supremacy did its job: to torture, isolate, and murder Black folk, all while terrorizing their community.

Isak’s murderers have names: Jacob Peterson from Eagan PD, Matthew Ryan, Anthony Kiehl, Adam Stier and Daniel Nelson from Bloomington PD.

They were cleared from any wrong doing, with one of the Bloomington police officers recently winning “officer of the year.” While we know the carceral system in this country will never bring our dead back to life or make anything right, it is a perversion of justice that so many of our Black, Brown, and Indigenous siblings and relatives are in jail cells on minor crimes and even false crimes while murderous cops still walk our streets, armed to the teeth.

We refuse to allow the murder of Isak to go unspoken. Bloomington has tried its best to ignore any mention of its involvement in this murder. But as long as we are around, this will never be possible. As long as fellow members of our community take action in the name of Isak, this will never be possible. If the courts cannot give the justice that Isak Aden deserves, then surely actions and solidarity will.

At 8 am Your Friends took autonomous action for justice for Isak Aden. Overpass bridges were chosen strategically to remind residents of Bloomington that this city has blood on its hands.

As long as individuals and groups find their power and claim their autonomy, we can make sure Bloomington never forgets, and one day bring an end to racial capitalist state violence.


Love and Rage,
Your Friends

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