Bloomington, IN: A New Year’s Ruckus Outside the Jail

For nearly a decade, New Year’s Eve in Bloomington, Indiana has been marked with noise demonstrations outside the Monroe County Jail, a so-called “correctional center” where prisoners’ cages overlook one of the city’s most bustling streets.
This year, roughly 30 people marched to the jail and gathered outside with drums, pots and pans, and banners that proclaimed “Fire to the Prisons!” and “Happy New Year! Solidarity to all prisoners, toward a world without prisons.” 
Drumming, we moved quickly from clumsy cacophony to synchronized, dynamic rhythms. The limestone walls of the jail made our calls to the inside echo even louder: “You Are not Alone!” and “Burning Mattress, Flooded Cell – Tell Your Guards to Go to Hell!”

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