Bloomington, IN: Repression is Futile: #J20 Solidarity Demonstration


On July 25, 15 people enthusiastically demonstrated in Bloomington to support indictees from the mass arrest on January 20th in DC. The demo was organized in People’s Park, which has been the site of recent struggles against police efforts to violently sanitize public space on behalf of downtown developers. As we fight against the domination of state and capital locally, we remain inspired by the bravery of those who participated in the protests and clashes in DC last winter.

Indictments, raids, and harassment are feeble efforts by the state to stem a rising tide of rebellion. The example set by the #J20 demonstrations, and even more so by the continuing cycle of black revolt against police murder, will continue to spread regardless of repression – the prosecutors in DC should save themselves the trouble and drop the charges.

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