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May 9, 17

Boston, MA: All Out Against the Alt-Right Stickmen May 13th

Apparently the Alt-Right and other fascist sympathizers are going to attempt a Berkeley-esque “Free Speech” rally here in Boston this Saturday, May 13th. According to the brave patriots of 4chan, they basically calling for an anti-antifa rally to get together and LARP around as the “Based Stickman” in hopes of getting to meet some of us IRL for a street fight.

screen-shot-2017-04-23-at-10-13-47-am.pngscreen-shot-2017-04-23-at-10-15-55-am.png“We’re not nazis!”
Right Wing Safety Squad
Safety Squad

The language used in the posts and threads about this event suggests that a major part of their plan is in them hoping that antifa will show up to fight them, so their small group doesn’t end up looking stupid standing around Boston Common in their stickman gear. We certainly have the upper hand in how this supposed rally goes down and how it is perceived, if it even happens at all.

The call on this website invites neo-Nazi’s to the demonstration, advising their side to dress like “normies.” More of their plans can be seen on this Reddit thread. We also found a Craigslist ad from Manchester, NH looking for people with military experience to confront antifa. You can get an idea of those that want to instigate violence with Boston area leftists by looking at who are listed as going on the public Facebook event page (these people really have zero concept of internet security culture)

Boston area student activist organizations have begun to organize a “mass mobilization” against the Alt-Right rally, which is great, but they have explicitly embraced a non-violent approach and also vaguely shamed our West Coast comrades who choose to use self-defense by directly confronting Alt-Right militants at a similarly billed “free speech” rally in Berkeley, CA. A mass mobilization is welcome and necessary in the fight against fascism, but so is a respect for diversity of tactics and not discouraging oppressed communities from choosing how they should defend themselves from those who wish to oppress them.

We believe that militant fascism deserves an even greater militant antifascist response. We are calling on all Boston area leftists, radicals, and antifascists to join our community in opposing the alt-right “free speech” (hate speech) rally on May 13th at 12pm in Boston Common, and in the spirit of resistance and solidarity, turn up for the antifascist bloc party!

We are calling for a community self-defense bloc and encouraging preparedness to defend against any fascist assaults from the several far-right skinhead, militia, and patriot groups traveling from outside of the city looking for a fight. Let’s protect our communities, and each other.

Stick nazis fuck off! No pasaran!


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