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Nov 22, 17

Boston, MA: Report Back from Boston Antifascist Counter-Demo

Photo from Unicorn Riot

On August 19th, 45 thousand people, led by black organizers, marched against a far-Right rally. Upon hearing that the fascists were coming back to “Resist Marxism,” the Fight Supremacy 2.0 counter demonstration was organized on November 18th.

Through the “free speech” rhetoric, along with talk of “Resisting Marxism” and “honouring veterans,” on the Resist Marxism website the group claimed to be against “Marxist style groups” such as “ANTIFA” and “BLM.” Anti-communism is a calling card for racists in America. During the civil rights movement, far-Right groups such as the John Birch Society promoted conspiracy theories that black resistance was really a communist wedge toward socialism. History repeats itself, huh?

In light of the far-Right demonstration being organized, Fight Supremacy notified people and organizations via flyers, social media and networking. The event was intended to shut down the fascist rally. Then afterwards, healing and education workshops would be held at Emerson College/Massart. Despite community groups such as BLM, Violence In Boston, and Fight Supremacy reserving the space weeks in advance – they were denied the space and instead a smaller “unconference” took where white liberals would use the space to discuss equity and anti-racism. Their claim was that they’d discuss how to hold the school administration accountable for mishandling the original event. Soon enough, the unconference was cancelled to avoid tarnishing their reputation.


The fascists were protected by the police. Also security was provided by the 3 percenters and Oathkeepers who have been seen protecting white supremacist rallies all over the country. There were drones, militia members patrolling, undercover fascists patrolling, and hundreds of cops everywhere. As serious as it was, I shit you not – people in the Boston Common were practicing tai chi, having a 5k run and a corgi get together during all of this.

On the other hand, Fight supremacy, BLM, Violence in Boston, Vets for peace, antifa, and Bay State Red Sentinels were there to counter them. The entrance the fash were headed towards was blocked by counter demonstrators. The police created a human barrier between the two and redirected the fascists towards another entrance.

The fascists were able to hold the gazebo, but the only people listening were those in the far-Right, fascists, and white supremacists groups who organized “Resist Marxism.” Soon enough, the Fight Supremacy organizers arrived, got on a park bench, and began leading chants. Nobody in the common was able to hear a thing they said.

There wasn’t many physical altercations between the fascists and those who opposed them. About 3 people were arrested. Fascists fearing their safety left the gazebo and went to the State House instead. After they left the common, Fight Supremacy and the counter demonstrators went to BU for the workshops and performances. There were reports of the fash marching around Boston at 8PM-ish, but not much else is known.

Analysis & What We Can Do Better

The fascists came to Boston with both the militias and the police protecting them, while the mayor denounced them but also helped facilitate their rally. If you’re looking for a wakeup call, this is it.

The fash were able to march around Boston safely with police protecting them. We had to protect the workshops so we couldn’t disrupt their march. What other antifascists radicals collectively could’ve done is ensure that they were tailed everywhere they went, drowned out and outnumbered wherever they went. Doing so at the rallies alone isn’t enough.

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