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Nov 16, 17

Boston, MA: ‘Resist Marxism’ Organizer Attended Unite the Right; Part of Neo-Nazi Group Discussing Bombings Online

North Shore Antifa follows up on their reporting about the far-Right rally taking places in Boston, MA this week which will bring together militia, Patriot, Proud Boys, and even neo-Nazi groups for a demonstration to ‘Resist Marxism.’ As North Shore Antifa shows, one of the main rally organizers, Gabriel Brown, not only attended the neo-Nazi Unite the Right rally, but is also a member of Anti-Communist Action, or ‘AntiCom.’ AntiCom in recent weeks has been shown to be planning and sharing information about how to carry out bombings, murder, and other acts of violence against antiracist and antifascist protesters, as documented by their own online discussions on Discord

As the weekend approaches, “Resist Marxism” is planning to hold their “Rally For The Republic” Saturday on the Boston Common (11/18/17) without a permit from the city. – the main organizing site for the Boston rally and a mirror site of – touts itself as an “umbrella organization consisting of affiliated groups who work together to defend free speech from government suppression and violent mobs.”

But “Resist Marxism” is nothing more than a front organization for Kyle Chapman (Based Stickman). A simple WHOIS lookup for reveals that the site is owned and exclusively controlled by Chapman.

Chapman, a Texas native who lives in California, has been described as the “celebrity leader of a nascent paramilitary wing of the alt-right”. Chapman runs the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, [who’s members often attend neo-Nazi demonstrations such as Unite the Right], described as an “alt-right ‘fight club’ fraternity ready for street violence.” The Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights is an affiliate chapter of the Proud Boys, a fraternal group that espouses Alt-Right and Alt-Lite ideas. Proud Boys initiation rites include committing violence against anyone they define as “anti-fascist.”

He’s also a career criminal. Chapman’s first arrest, in 1993, was for armed robbery in Texas, and he served 30 months. In 2001, he shoplifted $400 worth of merchandise from a California Macy’s, for which he served two-and-a-half years. In 2008, he was arrested for two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm. At that time, according to The Smoking Gun, investigators seized “body armor, a Ruger pistol, two throwing knives, a bag of ‘suspected marijuana,’ metal knuckles, two glass pipes, assorted ammo and shotgun shells, clips, and magazines.” After being freed on bond, he fled and spent one month as a fugitive before surrendering to federal agents and being sentenced to 63 months in federal prison. Recently, Chapman was again arrested for attacking counter-protesters at a March 4, 2017 alt-right rally in Berkeley, California. Conditions of his bail included staying at least 300 feet away from a Berkeley anti-Marxist rally held in August 2017. He is also barred from owning weapons of any kind, including knives and even the stick that gave him his nickname.

For us here in Boston, Chapman is an outsider coming to threaten our city and attempt to radicalize Trump supporters, conservatives, and right-wingers into violent action against Black, Brown, Muslim, and Jewish communities.

The motley crew of organizers that have been working together to plan and carry out this rally claim that they are against racism and fascism, but as we have already seen, it doesn’t take much scratching at the surface to find their dirt.

Through the covert infiltration of their Facebook organizing group (which seems to be their most comfortable organizing setting) we can see who they have assigned to serve in different roles leading up the rally.

Gabriel Brown, ‘Resist Marxism,’ and Unite the Right


Black organizers of the November 18th counter-rally held a press conference by the Parkman Bandstand in the Boston Common last Friday, so naturally, being the fascist trolls that they are, “Resist Marxism” sent two of their organizers to harass the women of color that were speaking to the press. One of those trolls, was Gabriel Brown.

Gabriel Brown can be seen here wearing the shirt of the violent neo-Nazi group “Anti-Communist Action.”

Gabriel Brown’s YouTube channel shows videos of him attending various far-right and neo-nazi events and demonstrations. Here is a screen cap of him at the first Boston Free Speech Rally back in May.

In this video, Gabriel is at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA where neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. is suspected of brutally murdering a counter-protester Heather Heyer and severely injured dozens more. This video shows Fields standing directly behind Gabriel Brown’s left shoulder.

Brown has long been associated with fringe far-right groups, and is known to hang out with far-right ultra-nationalist crews the 211 Bootboys (211) and Battalion 49 (B49), both which maintain ties to neo-Nazi boneheads.

Gabriel Brown with members of the Proud Boys and other violent far-Right groups.

Here is a screenshot of part of the member list of the private “Resist Marxism” Facebook organizing group. Gabriel Brown is included as one of the committed organizers of the rally.

Gabriel Brown poses with Christ “Crying Nazi” Cantwell at Unite the Right. Brown holds an AntiCom shirt.

Resist Marxism needs to fuck right off with their thinly-veiled bullshit. See you on Saturday!


CORRECTION: This article has been updated since it was originally posted. The original post labeled an individual as Gabriel Brown, however it has since been discovered that this is a different person. The post has been updated to show that while the two men are different, Gabriel Brown is still listed as an organizer on the internal Facebook used by organizers of ‘Resist Marxism.’

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