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Feb 25, 19

Brandon, FL: Yard Signs Against Unhinged Neo-Nazi Appear in Community

The following report and photos was sent anonymously to It’s Going Down.

Daniel McMahon, also known by the pseudonyms “Jack Corbin,” “Pale Horse,” and “Dakota Stone,” is a self-described fascist who stalks and harasses women, students, activists, and minorities. He worked closely with the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, Robert Bowers, and praises killers like Dylann Roof and James Fields.

Earlier this month, copies of a poster were sent to Daniel’s neighbors and wheat-pasted in the vicinity of where he lives with his parents in Brandon, FL.

This Monday morning, February 25, 2019, we received a tip from Florida Hate Exposed, that posters created by the Neighborhood Nazi Watch have been turned into large, colorful lawn signs and placed in busy intersections near schools in Daniel’s neighborhood. Seems as if other locals, on their own initiative, are trying to warn residents about the unhinged fascist in their community.

We will never stop trying to protect others from fascists like Daniel McMahon and the vicious, violent hatred he promotes. We will be joined by other like-minded people. Fascism will not win.

We are always watching, Daniel.

Tips and sightings: [email protected]

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