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Jan 18, 19

Brendon West: “ANTICOM” Nazi stalking Texas activists and volunteers

Brendon West (aliases include Vlka Fenrika, Fenrika Foxtrot, and Foxtrot DEVGRU) is an alt-right activist and leader of “Anticommunist Action” (ANTICOM). He has photographed and attempted to dox NLG volunteers and others in Central Texas. West led the effort to dox Spenser Rapone, a West Point student expelled from the Army for anti-imperialist statements.

Cover Photo: Patriot Front outside of Houston Anarchist Bookfair

Background on Brendon

Brendon Avery West (11/09/90) is a 28 year old from Fredericksburg, TX. He ran track and field for the Air Force Academy Falcons and, later, for Angelo State University. Though he started in libertarian circles, he was soon drawn to the far-right, working hand in hand with members of Patriot Front and other white supremacist organizations. Today he is openly supportive of neo-Nazi groups and has said “the alt-right was 1,000% validated.”

Brendon has a particular hatred for the National Lawyers Guild, taking pictures of volunteers and posting them online with identifying information. He doxed leftists at both the 2017 May Day demonstration in Austin (where he joined fascists attacking the proceedings) and an anti-Confederate protest that took place on August 13th, 2017 in San Antonio’s Travis Park.

“Vlka” was listed as an admin of the Texas Anticom server and was working closely with a Patriot Front member in this effort. Their activities consisted primarily of doxing left and liberal activists.

His most acknowledged “achievement” was identifying and reporting Spenser Rapone, a West Point graduate whose statements opposing capitalism and imperialism ran against Army rules and led to his high-profile expulsion.

Employment and Contacts

When he is not sharing Nazi memes, posting pornographic anime images, or stalking female law students, Brendon is a self-employed videographer for Fredericksburg-based Libertus7. His focus seems to be weddings, though he also took the time to record a video for the white South African nationalist group “Suidlanders” and the far-right combat trainers known as “Noble Savage TX.” Brendon had previously contacted Noble Savage TX trainers to facilitate a June 9th, 2017 “Basic Urban Tactics” class. Though the event was ultimately cancelled, its guest list included numerous, known Austin and San Marcos-based fascists.

While we cannot immediately consider the following companies guilty by association, Brendon has worked extensively with Austin-based video production studios Fairy Godmother Ninja and Phantom6Productions. If they are indeed unaware of Brendon’s fascist activities (questionable given his openness on Facebook and his long-term relationship with both companies), they are STRONGLY advised to communicate to the people of Central Texas that all such associations are now ended in perpetuity.

Please do your part to alert the following sites to Brendon’s far-right proclivities:

The Knot

Please contact these studios on Facebook asking them to publicly explain their (current or prior) association with Brendon and clarify that it will not continue:

Fairy Godmother Ninja:

Finally, contact [email protected] with any additional information.

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