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Jan 11, 21

Broad-based Coalition of Anti-Fascist NYers Mobilizes to Defend City from Coup Coalition, Proud Boys, Trump’s NYPD

Report on successful mass mobilization against the far-Right Trump supporters in New York by a coalition of antifascist and anti-racist groups.

photo: Ash J

On the morning of Sunday, January 10th, a broad coalition of anti-fascist New Yorkers converged on Midtown Manhattan in a show of solidarity, joyful defiance, and community self-defense against the coup coalition, which is threatening to bring the kind of violence we saw in DC on January 6th to communities across the country.

The mass mobilization was called by a coalition of grassroots groups, including Outlive Them NYC and United Against Racism and Fascism NYC, in response to a “Stop the Steal” rally — called by groups with direct links to those responsible for the deaths in DC — set to take place at Lenape (formerly Columbus) Circle at 10 am Sunday.

When hate groups like these descend on cities like ours, they do not come to attack government buildings or federal workers. They come to attack Black, brown, immigrant, indigenous, Muslim, Jewish, queer, trans+, and disabled New Yorkers, along with anyone who dares to stand in their way.

When they do bring their violence to our streets, they do so with the blessing of Trump’s NYPD: a rogue department which has arrested hundreds of anti-fascists since November 4, while allowing right-wing extremists and racist vigilantes to operate with impunity.

We, the peoples of New York City/Occupied Lenapehoking, people of all racial, religious, sexual, and gender, identities, came together on Sunday to say: No pasaran! They shall not pass. Not this time. Not in our town. Not on our watch.

The events of January 6 made clear for the general public what anti-fascists have been saying for years: the seeds of a violent authoritarian street movement, watered by white power and police impunity, have matured into an emboldened fascist political movement intent on seizing power.

Millions are waking up to the fact that we cannot rely on the police, the private sector, or the governing institutions of a white supremacist society to protect our communities from the monsters they have created.

With our actions, we aim to build an alternative rooted in community self-defense, mutual aid, and radical care: one that centers the struggles, uplifts the voices, and responds to the needs of Black, Indigenous, undocumented, colonized, LGBTQ+ and otherwise marginalized communities whose lives are on the line.

With this mobilization, we claimed these streets in their name, as we reclaim our city from the right and take another step on the long road to liberation.

The originally scheduled MAGA march, which was billed as a victory party from the events of January 6th, was a no-show. One-off racists and Trumpists who came to harass the community and look for attention from the press were swiftly ejected. Our greatest defense from the fascist creep remains, as it always has been, solidarity with one another and powerful grassroots coalition. NYC is an anti-fascist town.

Solidarity of the deed continues into the evening, with an anti-racist food drive at Carl Shurz Park, home of a standing daily vigil – Upper East Side for Black Lives Matter.


United Against Racism and Fascism (UARF) is a broad-based coalition in New York City united to mobilize mass opposition to the resurgent far-right. @UARFNYC

Outlive Them NYC is an all-city coalition of anti-fascist Jews and anti-racist accomplices, organizing to defend all our communities from those who would exterminate us. @OutliveThemNYC

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Antifascist Jews in occupied NYC organizing to defend all our communities.

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