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Mar 27, 17

Brooklyn, NY: Kuwasi Balagoon Liberation School Launches

Join the resistance movement!

The Kuwasi Balagoon Liberation School is designed for a new generation of revolutionaries. Named after the Black Liberation Army soldier, we intend to commemorate his life and struggle by making a class that continues his organization’s legacy.

This class will focus on revolutionary history and theory, and will be an introductory process to joining an array of resistance projects at The Base. Part educational and part pragmatic, this program will help you orient yourself towards the coming struggle and detail what we are working towards in the future!

Starts April 1st, 4pm
The class will be every 1st and 3rd Saturday at 4pm.

The Base, 1302 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221

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The Base is an anarchist political center in Bushwick, Brooklyn, committed to the dissemination of revolutionary left and anarchist ideas and organizing. The mission of the space is to spread ideas and practices to the broader populace and provide a place where individuals can learn, grow, and organize outside of traditional activist and educational institutions. We will provide a foundation for fostering the ideas and theory of people who have either a preliminary background in political thought, or who have not grappled with political theory at any level. Furthermore, we will establish a framework where creative modes of sharing will be encouraged, with the goal of spreading these modes beyond the confines of the space itself. We intend to establish a sociopolitical model in New York City where participants can create projects that are expansive and creative. Lastly, this will be a place where people can grapple with, organize, and find solutions to issues that affect their living situation in a constructive environment.

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