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Feb 1, 18

Buffalo Red & Black/Roja y Negra Releases 2017 Anthology

The following zine collection from Buffalo Red and Black, based in New York, chronicles anarchist activity in the area in 2017. Be sure to check out other year end reviews from It’s Going Down, CrimethInc.AnathemaConflict MN, these awesome video collections, and anarchists in Austin

Read and Download Here

Buffalo Red & Black/Roja y Negra has released an anthology of articles recalling our experiences in 2017. BRB/BRN is not so much an organization as an anarcho-communist network – one that attempts to incubate affinity groups, diversify and intensify our social ties, and make our projects for change realizable.

The anthology consists of 15 articles divided between reprints of BRB/BRN-related communiques that were previously published on IGD, and a variety of community submissions.

The anthology also serves as a memorial to the comrades whose lives were lost in 2017: Jenny (Lovely) Keys, and Ty Tumminia. Their passion for, and actions furthering, radical change will not be forgotten.

You can also get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Download PDF Here

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