Call to Action to Resist White Supremacists in Knoxville, TN January 21st


Once again, white supremacists are descending like the damn plague upon Tennessee. On January 21st at 12pm, the Traditionalist Worker Party and their affiliates are planning to rally and march in Knoxville, TN, against the second annual Women’s March and in support of the anti-choice group, Right to Life, who are also planning to march that day (and have been made aware that nazis are supporting them).

The exact TWP rallying point is still unknown but may coincide with the Women’s March rallying point in Market Square at 12pm and then join the Right to Life rallying point at World’s Fair Park at 2pm. Details will be shared as we receive them. Matthew Heimbach (who recently moved his vile self to East Tennessee), and his horde of human garbage followers, have been focusing on building a white supremacist base in this region and we sure as hell gotta resist their attempts.

From the TradWorkerTN WordPress Blog

The TWP and other white supremacist groups view Southeast Appalachia as an ideal region for a white separatist movement, and they prey upon rural and semi-rural areas to build their base. But their claims to Appalachia fly in the face of centuries of resistance to white supremacy and settler colonialism that are woven into these hills and rivers. From indigenous resistance to militant maroon communities, to multiracial labor strikes and prisoner uprisings, to the very existence of tight-knit black and brown communities across these hills, we know Appalachia has never been and will never be their all-white vision- as long as we continue to resist. So join us! Bring your love, solidarity, and rage to Knoxville on January 21st and help us take this trash the fuck outta East Tennessee!

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In fierce solidarity,
The Holler Network and Nashville ARA

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