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FW Stanley Corbett Jr. faced severe abuse in Central Prison in Raleigh. In response to the conditions he was put under, IWOC organized a call-in for February to demand that Stanley’s basic rights be met. The day of our last call-in to Central, Stanley was transferred back to Alexander Correctional Institution and has been experiencing severe repression since then.

Now in Alexander, Stanley’s personal property is being withheld from him. Among other things, this includes organizing material, his personal letters, and legal work for cases pending. Stanley is unable to communicate with his friends and family on the outside, do his legal work or practice his religion. In the last month Stanley has asked several prison staff (an officer, sergeant, housing unit manager, superintendent and director of prisons) for his property to be returned. He has filed a grievance as well as gone on hunger strike but his personal belongings are still being kept from him. Other forms of repression include denial of proper soap, rec. time and cell clean-up.

From Stanley:

“This is an attempt to get me to act out of character, so they’ll have a reason to keep my property and keep me in segregation…These issues need to be addressed. My main concern right now is my personal property.”

Please call:

Alexander CI: (828) 632-1331
Supervisor Eric Dye: 828-632-1331


“Hello, my name is ______________ and I am calling to demand Stanley Corbett Jr.’s personal property be restored to him immediately. He has legal materials and correspondence with friends and family that he needs access to right away. If Stanley’s personal property is not restored to him, expect further action.”

PLEASE BE AWARE: The first call-in for Stanley was met with aggression by Central Prison Staff. This means two things for us. First, that our calls are at the very least aggravating to the staff and in fact disrupting their work day. Second, that this call-in will require more emotional labour of us. This further demonstrates how prison staff are quick to become aggressive with those who speak out against them and demand justice. Although Stanley has been moved to Alexander Correctional Institution there is still the potential that callers will be met with this kind of verbal aggression.

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