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Aug 26, 15

Call for Submissions: ‘No Fascist USA’

From NYC Antifa

Call for Submissions: No Fascist USA

No Fascist USA is an upcoming no-budget documentary about the Antifascist movement in The United States, made by a longtime militant Antifa with the assistance of members (current and former) of the Torch Antifa Network, The Anti-Racist Action Network, Red and Anarchist Skinheads and several independent Antifa groups.

In the fashion of Chasseur De Skins (France), 161>88 (UK), and Antifascist Attitude(Russia), this film will tell the history of our movement through a mixture of found footage and interviews with longtime Antifa from all around the U.S. It will seek to dispel several myths about Antifascism as well as address relevant criticisms, and ultimately create more and better prepared Antifascists.

Just some of the topics shown and discussed in the film include:

  • The John Brown Anti-Klan Committee
  • The founding of Skinheads against Racial Prejudice, Anti-Racist Action and Red and Anarchist Skinheads and the war against Nazis in Punk and Hardcore music.
  • The Coalition for Human Dignity
  • The rise and fall of the National Alliance and Creativity Movement
  • The Murders of Anti-Racist Skinheads Dan and Spit in Las Vegas in 1999 and the trials of John Butler and Ross Hack.
  • The 2002 “Battle of York”
  • The 2005 Toledo, OH Riots against the National Socialist Movement
  • The events surrounding the Jena 6.
  • The 2011 attack on the National Socialist Movement national conference in Pemberton, NJ
  • The 2012 attack on the White Nationalist Economic Summit in Tinley Park, IL and the resulting repression and imprisonments.

Due to time and money constraints, traveling to every city we would like to interview Antifa just isn’t feasible. Therefore, we are asking for your help.

If you have special knowledge of these events or others like them, we want to hear from you. Record a short video with yourself telling us what you want us to know. If you are knowledgeable about relevant historical or current topics, make a recording.

As we said before, the interviews are only half the film. We need footage. Protests, conferences (political or press), fights, benefit shows, news clips; anything that could be used to make the movie a more complete history. If the clip is not self-evident, please include a short anecdote, for example, “The KKK came to my town in 1999 and Antifascists mobilized against them here is an old local news broadcast about it.”

Please DO NOT send footage of anything illegal (unless the statute of limitations has long expired), nor confessions to crimes. If you are interested in being interviewed we would also like to hear from you. However, because of previously mentioned constraints no one is guaranteed an interview and no one who cannot be independently confirmed and vouched will be included.

Finally, if you are a member of an Anti-Fascist musical project of any genre and would like your music included in the film, we are also accepting song submissions. All submissions should please include lyrics.

There has never been a film about the U.S. Antifascist Movement. The closest one,Invisible Revolution, included no history and spent half the film giving a platform to Klansmen. It is also 15 years old. This project is long over-due and we hope that Antifascists all over the country will help make it a reality.

We can be contacted at [email protected].

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