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Sep 26, 18

Call-In: Demand Kent State Stop Facilitating Racist Intimidation

Call for phone-zap campaign against an armed march around campus to be coordinated with campus police at Kent State and featuring white nationalist groups.

Kaitlin Bennett has publicly claimed to have changed her mind yet again and decided to move forward with her campus – wide march full of armed nationalists at Kent State University on Saturday, Sept 29.

Bennett announced in August that she planned to fly violent nationalist and Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson across the country to inspire and stoke the flames of hate, hoping to catalyze a spiraling dynamic of right wing violence. Gibson, for years, has terrorized communities on the west coast by bringing together fascist, Neo-Nazi, and white supremacist elements to create a space to normalize these ideas and bring people into their fold who can aid in the goal of “cleansing the streets” of anyone they deem to be an enemy to their hateful ideologies.

After much public outcry, she made a feeble attempt at a ruse, by pretending the event was cancelled. When that was exposed as a lie, she recanted this and decided to once again host the rally, embolden by the fact that she is now not only openly organizing with white supremacists from the American Guard – an offshoot of the Vinlanders, a white supremacist group responsible for at least eight murders – but the Kent State Campus Police have joined her in this fascist scheme and are helping to create a secure space for this heavily armed right-wing extremist march through a public university campus to intimidate the student body and faculty.

Information has started to leak out of Kent indicating that potentially hundreds of police; including full SWAT units, will invade the campus in order to allow violent racist organizations to gather uncontested. This places the students of the university, especially students of color, at risk of violence from not only the armed white nationalists but also from the police, whose greater presence and militarization presents a credible threat of violence and repression to oppressed communities.

By openly facilitating this activity with Kaitlin Bennett, who has shown that she is not shy about collaborating with openly racist organizations, and by heightening the presence of armed police, the campus itself is becoming a hazard to the safety and well-being of the student body.


Call Kent State University President Beverly Warren and demand that the university stop facilitating white nationalist intimidation of the Kent State community.

Call 330-672-2210 or email [email protected] to make your voices heard.

All Out To Defeat White Supremacy!

– The Cleveland Antifascist Network

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