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March 11

Call-In to Support Arizona Prison Rebel Adrien J Espinoza on Hunger Strike

Call-in campaign to support Arizona prison rebel Adrien J Espinoza, who is on hunger strike.

Friends and family of longtime Arizona prison rebel Adrien J Espinoza, is requesting your assistance in supporting Adrien on hunger strike in A.S.P.C Eyman Browning unit, located in Florence Arizona, to win some basic demands from the prison Adrien began his hunger strike on 2/22/2019, and has requested that supporters call the prison and urge them to grant him some basic demands for his strike.

The number to ASPC Eyman is (520) 868 0201). The Warden is Stephen Morris, and Deputy Warden is Officer Days. The Chiefs of Security are Captain J. Bowers and Captain D. Decker. Central office 602-542-5497 Constituent services 602-364-3945.

First hunger strike resolution is to have all my lost or discarded property returned to me or replaced. Since Days is withholding my property I may be missing more property than I know I lost property on 12-24-18 ,12-31-18 and 1/2/ 19. I filed informal complaints but they haven’t been answered and my copies are being withheld at property. My property includes:
Eight bags of coffee, Remington shaver, TV, Norelco shaver, hygiene, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hat, Smock, belt, thousands of documents (TCU staff took my property on 12/31) my right heel shoes shorts. Also my Apex size 11 shoes were stolen, recovered and then not forwarded to me here or at Kasson I want accountability for all missing property. I want accountability for all my missing property.

The issue of being scalded in Ambush at staff selection must be addressed, investigated, and prosecuted. These attacks happened on 12-31-18 and 12-24-18. The issue of Staff Miss conduct and retaliation must be address and investigated.

The issue of the abuse and sexual harassment I went through while at Kasson 01/04/19 through 01/30/19 must be properly addressed ad investigated.

Medical must provide my special needs orders shoes, and soled, hat, immediately as I have been without for over a year and they’ve known.

I must be allowed to have sent in sunglasses to fulfill my special needs order as I have previously had them sent in I including at Browning.

Property staff must conduct legal box exchanges in a timely manner policy states within 3 days but they often take months, which hinders my litigation.

My Kosher diet discrepancies must be addressed when reported. I must be provided with appropriate mental health treatment to deal with my individual needs, including treatment outlined in D.O. 1254 for abuse suffered as a youth in ADJC.

Browning /Eyman/ADC must cease refusing to respond to my inmate letters, informal complaints, Grievances, HNR’s, and other forms I submit, they must respond to my forms, per policy.

I must be given unfettered unhindered access to the grievance system. My grievance forms have not been answered since November 2017 or about that time.

I must be provided with the 12 disciplinary Report Form 803 – 1, that I was found guilty of on 2/6/19. They were never given to me I was in watch and watch and inmates aren’t allowed any documents.

I must be provided with all the names of Staff who attended my February 1st 2019 hunger strike meeting, as promised by Warden Morris.

Deputy Warden Days must cease withholding my black prescription Vision eyeglasses and mail which was transferred with me from Kasson in a small clear bag on January 30th 2019. I will not, cannot stop my hunger strike until these issues are resolved because all staff presents as of February 1st 2019 meeting reneged on their promises. To resolve my strike will not cease until my property is in my cell and I am issued resolution in writing. I am doing this hunger strike to affect positive change and no way do I wish to harm myself or inflict pain upon myself I have no other avenues to take to remedy this issue. Staff will not answer any forms are grievances and keep procrastinating and withholding property as a form of behavioral control.

Write Adrien Espinoza at:

Adrien Espinoza 212698
P.o. Box 3400
Florence AZ, 85132

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