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Oct 6, 17

Call-In to Stop Alt-Right Bigots Speaking at Columbia

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Fascists seem to have gotten awfully comfortable in New York City lately. After two nooses were discovered in Brooklyn in recent weeks, nine businesses received fliers with large swastikas and the message “Make America Great Again!!!” written on them this week. There is no mistaking the danger that fascism poses. In New York last Spring an Alt-Right white supremacist murdered Timothy Caughman with a sword, and in August, a Nazi drove his car through a crowd of anti-fascist protesters in Charlottesville, murdering Heather Heyer. As long as Columbia University, allows racists and fascists to speak on their campus, they are tacitly supporting the increasing bloodshed committed by the Alt-Right.

After hosting eugenicist cross-burner Charles Murray last year, Columbia University College Republicans (CUCR) are once again planning to bring more racist scumbags to speak on their campus. The CUCR have invited Tommy Robinson, former leader of the far-right English Defense League (EDL), and alt-light conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich to speak at events later this month.

Robinson, who is scheduled to speak on October 10th, led the EDL for four years before resigning in disgrace due to a mortgage fraud charge. During that period, the EDL operated as a violent and Islamophobic street gang with openly fascist members often sieg-heiling at their rallies.

Cernovich, scheduled to speak on October 30th, is a media personality best known for peddling the absurd Pizzagate conspiracy theory and his own ridiculous Gorilla Mindset nonsense. Cernovich also promoted the alt-right conspiracy theory of “white genocide,” substituting a misplaced sense of victimization for overt white supremacism.

NYC AFA (Anti-Fascist Action) calls on anyone who objects to fascism and white supremacy to call the Office of the President of Columbia University at (212) 854-9970. Tell Columbia president Lee Bollinger that racists and fascists are not welcome in New York, and that as long as he allows Robinson and Cernovich to speak on campus, he is complicit in the spread of fascism and the bloodshed that entails.

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