Call to Action for a Radical Portland PRIDE


The following is a call for a radical bloc at the Portland PRIDE parade on June 16th.

Fuck Rainbow Capitalism.

Portland PRIDE is full of cops, banks, and corporations. We have said, again and again, “No cops at pride!,” but the parade has always been to beholden to the State and its corporate sponsors to listen. At Detroit Pride, cops defended Nazis threatening genocide against queer participants and violently attacked queer bodies to facilitate the Nazi demonstration. In Sacramento an activist was the victim of transphobic violence from a fascist armed with a knife; the cops consistently detained the queer victim and not the fascist aggressor.

We remember that Stonewall was a riot against police brutality, police brutality that still continues today. We choose to act now against police oppression, against Nazi violence, against rainbow capitalist and the co-option of the queer liberatory movement by capital. We choose to stand in defense of our queer comrades against the violence of fascism, capital, and the state.

We are calling for radical queers, anti-capitalists, and anti-authoritarians to converge on the SW corner of NW Everett & Park at 11 AM sharp, we will be leaving to enter the parade at 11:30 AM. Bring noise makers, PA’s, banners, propaganda, and your most faggy attire.

Cover your face and any identifiable body art. We intend to march in the parade, it is likely the parade police, PPB, and the good gay citizens of Portland will attempt to kick us out for not paying the offensive fee, but fuck them. We’ll keep each other safe and make our presence known.

See you there queers. <3

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