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Nov 13, 19

Call to Support RVA Comrades Attacked by Police at Rojava Solidarity Rally

Call to support comrades in Richmond that were attacked by police during a Rojava solidarity rally.

On October 12th, 2019 a group of approximately 60 demonstrators in the city of Richmond, VA took to the streets in support of Rojava. This was a coordinated action that was part of a global-scale call for expressions of solidarity with the people of Rojava as Turkey relentlessly bombs their cities.

After an hour long peaceful demonstration the Richmond Police violently attacked the group of marchers and arrested multiple people on trumped up charges.

Please help us defend these workers!

The individuals who were targeted by the police are citizens of Richmond and are working class people who were attacked by the police for interrupting a busy Saturday night in the hip and heavily gentrified part of town.

Thus, the Richmond IWW is resolved to use any and all resources at our disposal to defend these workers from yet another entry in the long tale of state repression of those fighting for a better world. We ask you to join us in this effort by pitching in anything you can or even just sharing this fundraiser.

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