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Feb 20, 18

Call to Support Kris Thompson Legal Fund

What follows is a call to support the husband of Kiwi Herring, who is being railroaded by St. Louis police after witnessing the murder of his partner.

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On August 22, 2017, Kiwi Herring, a trans woman, was killed by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department while defending herself against a homophobic neighbor. As the only witness to the murder, Kiwi Herring’s widow, Kris Thompson, has been punitively charged with Assault in the First Degree and Armed Criminal Action in order to silence Kris from speaking out against the police. If convicted, Kris faces a minimum of three years in prison with no probation or parole to the maximum of two consecutive life sentences. Please give generously.

Kris’s defense is complicated by the fact that the police department’s own force investigative unit, tasked with investigating Kiwi’s murder at the hands of their own fellow cops, is staffed by detectives who have a history and pattern of covering up police violence against innocent defendants. Not only is Kris’s case serious because the penalty is almost as harsh as a murder case, but the defense also involves investigating Kiwi’s murder.

Kris is represented by Joe Welch, an aggressive criminal trial lawyer with a proven record in defending people and activists who have been falsely accused by the police trying to justify their excessive force.

Here is a statement from Kris:

“I am the wife of Kenny Lee Herring…better known as Kiwi Herring. My wife was one of a kind who will be and still is truly missed..whose life was taken too soon. Everything came so unexpectedly. My children and I were so unprepared. We never thought my wife would be brutally murdered by St. Louis Law Enforcement, but here we are. Starting today we will not give up. We will pray, but while praying I myself and other supporters will be giving our upmost effort to raise funds for legal fees on order to get justice for my beloved belated wife. It hurts to live knowing I was never financially prepared to defend my wife being murdered. It was unforeseen. God says these things will befall us all. Right now I’m asking I’m praying for support from people who still have a conscience and the heart God blessed us all with. Thank you God bless you.”

Kris and Kiwi’s children have lost one parent and now face the possibility of losing another. If you can’t donate, please spread the word and share this with those who can.

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