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Sep 19, 16

Call in to Support Oregon Prisoner Workers!

Submitted to It’s Going Down

On Sept. 9th several prisoners at Deer Ridge Correctional Institution (DRCI) in Madras Oregon were placed on a preemptive lock-down to repress potential striking activity. Similarly all of the inmate kitchen workers were placed in the hole.

Prisoners at DRCI are reporting that the administrations Food Service Coordinators are systematically employing methods which put the health and safety of inmates at risk. Inmates report that DRCI is serving under-cooked food despite being told by inmate kitchen staff that it is not ready and using unsanitary food substitutes to save money and ensure bonuses from superiors. Inmates also report the prison using food products marked to be unfit for human consumption and that are expired, using rotten and moldy food along with not serving inmates full portions. Inmates report that these practices are occurring on a daily basis.

Prisoners are asking supporters to call into the prison to demand that they meet Oregon State law standards for healthy and safe prison food, serve inmates adequate portions, stop serving moldy/rotten and expired food.

Supporters are asked to call the below individuals. If they don’t answer please leave a message.

Superintendent Tim Causey @ 541-325-5999 Ext. 5226
Health Services Manager Becky Carter @ 541-325-5999 Ext. 5145

Sample Script

“Hello my name is ____
I am calling in solidarity with prisoners at Deer Ridge Correctional Institution to demand that DRCI staff stop serving inmates inadequate portions of food, under cooked food, rotten/moldy food, food that is marked expired and therefore, unfit for human consumption. We ask that DRCI staff comply with Oregon State law 169.076 that details food served to inmates must be “procured, stored, prepared, distributed and served under sanitary conditions, as defined by the authority under ORS 624.041 (Rules) and that inmates “will be fed nutritionally adequate meals in accordance with a plan reviewed by a registered dietitian or the Oregon Health Authority.”

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