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May 25, 16

Cancún, Mexico: Incendiary attack in memory of Mauri

From Contra-Info

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Arson of vehicles in the early hours of Sunday 22nd May:

We decided to attack the vicinity of the National Institute of Migration as a way of remembering the comrade Mauricio Morales, and what better way to do it than to extend the conflict and remind them that attacks won’t stop even after a comrade’s death or the incarceration of so many others that left dialogue and fear behind, and decided to attack directly and roundly the system of domination; we also claim responsibility for the attack as a show of solidarity with the comrade Natalia Collado and Javier Pino [both imprisoned in Chile, and recently convicted in court], who are about to receive their sentence.



Decidimos atacar las inmediaciones del instituto nacional de migración a manera de recordar al compa Mauricio Morales y que mejor manera de hacerlo que extendiendo el conflicto y recordándoles que los ataques no se detendrán ni por la muerte de un/a compa ni por el encarcelamiento de otrxs tantxs que dejaron el dialogo y el miedo atrás y decidieron atacar directa y rotundamente al sistema de dominación; asimismo reivindicamos el atentado como una muestra de solidaridad a la compa Natalia Collado y Javier Pino que están por recibir su sentencia.


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