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Mar 23, 17

Atlanta, GA: Casey Jordan Cooper Exposed to Community as Alt-Right Fascist by Antifa

Community Outreach Flyer Here
Law School Flyer Here

Editor’s Note: According to a source, Cooper has moved/been evicted from his apartment that was originally listed in this article. 

On Tuesday, March 21st, anti-racists exposed white nationalist leader Casey Jordan Cooper in Atlanta, Georgia. As documented on the Atlanta Antifascists website, Cooper has claimed responsibility for posting white power propaganda on Atlanta campuses, helped with recent far-Right gatherings, and harassed people who he views as enemies. Cooper was also part of a white nationalist group recorded jeering at a Stone Mountain Park visitor with sexist and antisemitic remarks in September 2016. With his @BigButternutJoe Twitter account, Cooper published a clear death threat to a local Black activist earlier in July.

cooper mugshot.jpeg

Casey Jordan Cooper in 2014

Cooper currently studies at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, where a majority of the students are people of color.

death threat.jpg

Death threat by Cooper/”BigButternutJoe” to Avery Jackson, an outspoken Black activist in Atlanta

We believe that Casey Cooper should not be allowed to organize white supremacists and target others unopposed. Cooper rapidly rose to prominence in Atlanta white nationalist circles last year. We hope that exposing his threats, organizing efforts, and propaganda will limit his ability to do harm.

cooper ajmls.jpg

Casey Cooper at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School new student orientation, 2016.

On Tuesday, we mailed over seventy fliers to Cooper’s neighbors at the 141 Grape Street and other nearby apartments, warning them of their neighbor’s white power agitation. Later, at night, we placed a couple dozen posters near Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, warning students of what their classmate does in his free time. 


Cooper (center, with sunglasses and sleeveless TheRightStuff shirt, with other white nationalists including Patrick Sharp at Stone Mountain Park in September 2016.)

Please take a moment to support our efforts. Share this story and Atlanta Antifascists’ background piece.

Contact Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. Tell them that racist death threats are a bad look for their school, and that you are concerned about Cooper’s presence on campus.

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School
Call: 678-916-2600

It’s time to stand up to white power and fascist organizing!

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