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– A weekly roundup of the latest and greatest happenings in the anti-fascist world. Each column will feature an “Explainer,” delineating some new fascist trend, a roundup of the doxxes and the deplatformings, and feature the calls to action, ways that you can help your local anti-fascist crews beat back the rising tide of fascism worldwide.

– The Grouch laughs equally at liberal and Alt-Right fuckery. Naming names and calling them. Forever :-[

– A yearly calendar featuring writing and artwork of political prisoners. Sales of the calendar go to benefit various radical and political prisoner projects.

– Resistance is Life is an ongoing investigation into the conditions of life in the heart of the Rojava Revolution. Ideally reporting every three weeks, we’ll share stories of everyday life and the voices of people we meet who are taking part in this new society.

– Voices in Movement publishes translations and analysis – both contemporary and historical – to share strategy, solidarity and histories of resistance across imaginary divisions of nations and borders, drawing insight from struggles of below and to the left, where the heart is.