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Sep 26, 16

Cedartown, Georgia: Anti-Racist Outreach Against Ku Klux Klan Leader

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On Saturday, September 24, 2016 anti-racists distributed flyers in the neighborhood of white supremacist Gregory Todd “Thor” Calhoun in Cedartown, northwest Georgia. We left almost a hundred flyers at the homes of Calhoun’s neighbors. Our flyer can be viewed here.

Greg Calhoun

Calhoun is an active white supremacist in Georgia. Previously affiliated with Aryan Nations, Calhoun now leads the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan for our state. Calhoun’s name recently appeared on a permit application for an October 1st International Keystone Knights gathering in nearby Rockmart, GA – an event which has now been cancelled according to news reports.

We believe that white supremacists organizing to “eradicate” their enemies – Calhoun cites “Jews and n[*****]s” in particular – are a real threat and deserve steadfast opposition. Community awareness is a first step.

Jodi Calhoun

Greg Calhoun’s address at 4712 Collard Valley Road in Cedartown is also home to his wife Susan Jodette “Jodi” Calhoun (AKA Susan Jodette Newbold). Jodi Calhoun identifies herself as a “LOTIE” which stands for “Lady of the Invisible Empire,” i.e. a female Klan member. Christian Sisters Cleaning – the cleaning business co-owned by Jodi Calhoun – gives its business address as 4712 Collard Valley Road.


Jodi Calhoun also operates the “Southern Rebel Patriots” Facebook page that organized a November 14, 2015 pro-Confederate monument rally at Stone Mountain Park outside Atlanta – an event which scarcely veiled its white supremacist agenda. The “Southern Rebel Patriots” page was also active promoting the April 23 2016 “Rock Stone Mountain” protest – an explicitly “white power” event at the park which met anti-racist resistance.

We now request that others follow up on our initial outreach. Call Charles Brooks of Action Assurance, Inc. in Rockmart, GA. According to Polk County records, Action Assurance is the owner of the 4712 Collard Valley Road property. Ask that the company stops renting to the Calhouns, since renting to them provides a base for white supremacist organizing in the region.

ACTION ASSURANCE: 770-684-3886

Remember that you can use *67 to hide your phone number when calling. Please spread this report far and wide, especially to those who live nearby or who could outreach to the property owner.

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