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Jun 23, 15

Chicago Report Back from June 11th Actions

We would like to share our first reportback of 2015. Thanks to our comrades in Chicago for getting things started early this year. We are looking forward to hearing about all the creative ways people will show their solidarity in the coming days!

“During the opening festivities for Chicago’s new “606 Trail,” a $95 million project mirroring New York’s extravagant High Line, some locals took advantage of the day’s events to make a statement about Marius Mason, a prisoner of the U.S.’s “Green Scare” – a mass roundup of environmental activists – and about June 11, the International Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners. Aside from the fact that this trail may assist in the further gentrification of the surrounding neighborhoods, it represents another instance of “greenwashing” – exaggerating certain aspects of the project in order to present it as environmentally responsible – which made its induction ceremony a great opportunity to send this message. The banner, which read “FREE MARIUS – ABOLISH PRISONS – JUNE11.ORG” was suspended from the elevated trail over Humboldt Boulevard.”

Thank you for all the solidarity you show, on June 11th or any day. It means everything.

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