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Over 6 months after the mobilization at the state capitol which shut down the Neo-Nazis in the Traditionalist Worker Party, CHP officers and police are still attempting to contact people about the incident as a means of gathering information to put away anti-fascists. As Sacramento Antifa wrote:

It has been almost 6 months since the events of June 26th. Throughout those 6 months, individuals have been contacted via phone by California Highway Patrol in an attempt to gather information to be used in state repression. Recently, we have been seeing a definitive increase in these phone calls. They are often made under the guise of “gathering information to convict violent Neo-Nazis.” Don’t be fooled – if law enforcement wanted to do something about the Neo-Nazi stabbings, they had ample time to react on the day of. Instead, they stood idly by as our friends and comrades were attacked with knives, making no effort to prevent or even pursue the attackers.


In light of this increase in attempted contact by law enforcement, we want to restate the importance of properly handling calls and visits from them. Police will routinely lie in an attempt to coerce you to talk in any way they can – whether it be through instilling fear, promising help, or anything in between. when receiving a call from law enforcers, ignoring their questions, firmly directing them to your attorney, and then ending the encounter is the only safe way to proceed. Anything further puts you and your community at increased risk for state repression.

If you are contacted by law enforcement about June 26th (usually under the guise of getting ‘info about the Nazis’) don’t talk to the cops. Instead, contact the National Lawyers Guild and email local anti-fascists.

Call NLG at: 415.285.1011

Email NoCARA: nocara@riseup.net

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