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Apr 26, 22

Convergence des Luttes Anticapitalistes (CLAC) Calls for May 1st Mobilization in Montreal

Call for May Day convergence in so-called Montreal. Originally posted to Convergence des Luttes Anticapitalistes (CLAC) and Montreal Counter-Info.

International Workers’ Day on May 1 is fast approaching and this year again the Convergence des Luttes Anticapitalistes (CLAC) is calling for a rally in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal). This year, for the 15th edition of the anti-capitalist demonstration, it made sense to choose anti-colonial and environmental themes. Because capitalism is a colonial and ecocidal system, it is war!

In view of the event, we thought it appropriate to (re)share various resources set up in recent years by CLAC and their allies. We want to encourage the sharing of practical knowledge and nurture a sense of collective safety in the streets on this day. We also want everyone to be able to experience pleasure and find satisfaction and excitement in the demonstration. Our well-being, our joy and our safety in demonstration do not depend on the police, quite the contrary and it is by arriving prepared, confident in our means and determined that we will be able to advance our ideals for a better world.

The SITT-IWW in Montreal will also form a contingent at the Convergence of Anti-Capitalist Struggles (CLAC) mobilization that will take place at 5 p.m. at Canada Place.

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