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Dec 27, 19

Cleveland, OH: Banner Dropped in Solidarity with Stonybrook Residents Fighting Eviction

The following action report was anonymously submitted to It’s Going Down. For more information and context on the tenant struggle in Palm Beach, Florida, check out an interview on This Is America with the Palm Beach Tenants Union, here.

A banner dropped on Christmas night in Cleveland on W33rd and Detroit. In solidarity with the Stonybrook Tenants Union of Palm Beach Florida. In the spirit of their fight against Millennia Houseing Management Ltd. headquartered at Key Tower in Downtown Cleveland.

Consider this humble banner our formal hello to both the Tenants Union and Millennia. To the tenants union occupying their homes when faced with eviction we send our love. Despite the brutality inflicted on you, you all have stood your ground. You are brave and beautiful your perseverance fills us with courage. To Millennia, the brutalizer, our hello is a challenge. Millennia you are rich and arrogant you are everything wrong with our city. You are waging a war on the working class across the country, we challenge you to bring that war home.

From the Anarchists of Cleveland,

Solidarity with the Stonybrook, Long live anarchy.

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This submission came to It's Going Down anonymously through IGD is not the author nor are we responsible for the post content.

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