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Jan 3, 22

Cleveland, OH: Report Back on NYE Noise Demo

Report back on NYE noise demo in so-called Cleveland, Ohio.

On New Years Eve 25 anarchists, abolitionists and other rebels gathered outside of the (in)Justice Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio for the second annual New Years Eve Noise Demonstration hosted by Forest City Anarchists. This event is called every year to both highlight the horrors of the so-called criminal justice system and to let those inside know that they are not forgotten.

The (in)Justice Center sits in the core of the city, symbolically indicating the centrality of policing, surveillance and imprisonment in the attempts of the city government to “control” the streets. Inside those walls over 1,300 prisoners are incarcerated in horrible conditions, which have led to the deaths of over 10 prisoners in the last 2 years from beatings, refusal of medical treatment, and retaliation by guards within the facility.


The Cleveland Police have a long history of corruption, extortion, murder and organized intimidation against their opponents that stretches back generations. We come to the (in)Justice Center every year to re-affirm the commitment many of us made when the police murdered Tamir Rice, that we would remain in the streets, and use any means necessary to protect our communities from the occupying force that is the Cleveland Police.

The war is all around us, all the time, and we call that war policing. We hope that this small gesture of solidarity can be a part of a wave that sweeps away the police and the state.

Let the fires of the George Floyd Uprising continue to burn across this country!
Solidarity to rebels everywhere!
Fire to the prisons!

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