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Mar 5, 19

Mexico: Collective Radio Transmission for Territorial Defense in Remembrance of Samir Flores

Invitation to the collective transmission of community radios and free media for territorial defense.


March 9th, 2019

To all of the community radios, free, independent and autonomous media, to the honest media workers, to the peoples, social organizations, and defenders of territory and human rights, to those that feel the pain caused by the death of our compañero Samir Flores. We invite you this March 9th to a collective transmission in support of the dignified struggle that Samir left us, to talk about the new challenges that we face with our communication projects and work of territorial defense.

We seek to generate a space of sharing, production and debate among communicators to accompany the people’s resistance against the Integral Project of Morelos (PIM) and other projects of destruction in the country.

Given the context in which the country finds itself with the new government, it has been made clear that the defense of territory is a posture that makes whatever type of government uncomfortable. Once again the capitalist hydra is stalking the favorable territories to continue feeding the machinery of destruction. This has claimed the life of compañero Samir Flores Soberanes, Indigenous Nahua from Amilcingo. He was one of the founders of the Community Radio of Amiltzinko 100.7 fm, and one of the most active organizers against the Integral Project of Morelos. He worked tirelessly including with children to whom he taught to know and love their territory. He also was part of the Parent’s Committee of the school in Amilcingo, which is in resistance. Samir was threatened on various occasions since 2012 for his work for the autonomy of Amilcingo and territorial defense.

Join the collective transmission #SamirVive #9mzo #YoPrefieroLaVida

Radio Amiltzinko 100.7 Fm Morelos

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