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Nov 22, 18

Settler Colonialism and Decolonization: An Anarchist Perspective

Members of the Indigenous Anarchist Federation (Federación Anarquista Indígena) join Breht to discuss Settler Colonialism and Decolonization.

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Music in the show, in order of appearance:

La Migra by War of Icaza: https://waroficaza.bandcamp.com

Black Snakes by Prolific the Rapper: https://prolifictherapper.com

An Act of Liberation by Klee Benally: http://kleebenally.com

Punch a Nazi by War of Icaza: https://waroficaza.bandcamp.com

Indigenous Lyricist by dio ganhdih: https://soundcloud.com/dio

Dance by Ruby Ibarra ft. Bambu: https://www.rubyibarra.com

Please check out and support all of these amazing artists!

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