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Jul 21, 15

Sean Swain Communication Restored!


From Sean Swain

The Fuckweasels at the ODRC seem to have both run out of excuses for silencing Sean, AND realized that suspending his communication access indefinitely without investigation or slightest pretext of a rationale is going to make it hard for even the boot-licking federal judges to decide the civil rights lawsuit in their favor.

The communications ban was officially lifted on Sean’s favorite holiday: July 14th, Bastille Day. This means we now have a flood of new things from Sean which you can read.

Wanna read unconfirmed accounts of a flood of “oh shit Swain is loose?” inspired ODRC suicides? Here: http://seanswain.org/anarchist-prisoner-sean-swains-communications-resume-gunshots-and-splatter-patterns-signal-fuckweasel-displeasure/

How about a steamy update about Trainwreck Trevor Clark romancing Sean’s old Swintec Typewriter? http://seanswain.org/trainwreck-trevor-and-swintec-typewriter-expecting-first-child-together/

Do you like calling fuckweasels and the corporations that control them?

Well, the mailroom at SOCF are both inventing rules to block Sean’s incoming mail… http://seanswain.org/shitville-mailroom-monkey-shenanigans-continue/
…and violating prison’s most sacred “legal mail” rules to delay Sean’s outgoing mail: http://seanswain.org/swains-sworn-statement-proves-prison-officials-illegally-targeted-swains-legal-mail-to-federal-court/

Also, Jpay- the privacy violating snoops who started all this trouble are rachetting up tensions at SOCF with their negligence: http://seanswain.org/jpay-negligence-creates-tensions-in-maximum-security-prison/

Please call those people and tell them to quit their fuckweaselry!

The lifting of the ban means that Sean’s Final Straw Radio segments are now going to be in his actual voice! You can hear his thoughts on subjects like: The Free Alabama Movement, Guerilla Warfare, Failed States and the new reading from The Invisible Committee.

Also, everyone should know that there have been rumors that Sean Swain may soon schedule an announcement of the date he is scheduled to announce that he plans to announce his candidacy for president of the United States of America! Read that, here: http://seanswain.org/anarchist-prisoner-sean-swain-for-president/


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