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May 8

Communiqué from Regeneración Radio: Forbidden to be Forgotten

History Must be Remembered, it Cannot be Forgotten

Eighteen years of being part of the history of an oppressed and exterminated people.

And in that history we too have suffered countless aggressions, the robbery of equipment and the displacement from our physical workspaces in 2015. On March 7th, 2017, we were robbed of our tools to exercise communication against power, that which characterizes us, leaving us without a physical space.

On May 5th, 2017, we woke up to the notice that people had broken into the house where the cabin of Regeneración Radio is located.

Today we find ourselves with nothing: without microphones and consoles, without computers and mixers. Today we do not have a space to construct anew a radio cabin, or a studio to record videos.

In 18 years we have laughed and cried, and we have become indignant.

In 18 years we have been part of your audacity and accompanied your struggles. We have been women and men assassinated, disappeared. We have been the displaced, dispossessed, shot. We have been victims of feminicide, not only in the north of the country, but we are the assassinated in the center and the south of the republic. We have been fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of the more than 29, 917 disappeared (according to official numbers along with the many more that are not counted). We have been migrants demanding a world without borders. We have been the Indigenous of dark skin discriminated for our color and our large eyes, discriminated for our language. We have been sexual workers. We have been trans men and women, transvestites that take to the streets to demand equality and respect. We have been teachers struggling for access to education. We have been part of the health sector seeking quality treatment and a greater budget to treat the sick. We have been part of the working class that works only to live. We have been people that abandon their studies and also students that finish their studies without labor prospects. We have been the thousands of aspiring students who are rejected by public universities. We have been the children made invisible and attacked by the violence of narco-trafficking. We have been the ones in fear of being kidnapped, taken, and dismembered, of being victim of the armed wing of the state. We are those of below, those that live a harrowing life of violence and poverty. We are those that blindly believe in a better world, in the organization and strength of being only one. We are those who pay homage to the anarchist journalism of the Magón brothers. And in 18 years, you have been us, you have been Regeneración Radio.

Today we have nothing, except our dignified rage and a clear bid not to die, not to surrender, not to give up.

These moments are difficult and sad for us.

Compañerxs, we do not know when, or where, but we will search for a new space, we will search ways of having microphones, consoles, computers and mixers, video and photo cameras. We will search for this because history is not permitted to be forgotten, history cannot be censured.

We thank the few that have made donations, those that have been on our side during this loss. To the many others that have not had the opportunity, we ask that you do not forget history, because from history we learn.

You have offered your support and we need it. We solicit your help and your embrace to not fall, to not die.

History deserves to be remembered, forbidden to be forgotten.

Exiles in some place on Planet Earth—Regeneración Radio—Communication Against Power

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Regeneración Radio

Free and Community Radio Broadcasting from Mexico City. Communication against power ...!

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