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Dec 27, 19

“Fighting in a Way That Makes Us Stronger”: CrimethInc. on the Current Wave of Uprisings

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we present a recording of a talk given by a member of the CrimethInc. collective at the Humboldt Anarchist Bookfair outside of Eureka, California. They discuss how struggles in contemporary times are not just a two side struggle between labor and capital, or even, the anarchists vs the State, but now against rebellious populations, the State’s police, and also far-Right autonomous forces, along with recuperative Left elements.

From the description:

Once upon a time, anarchists saw ourselves as engaged in a two-sided struggle between the common people and the institutions of power. Today, as the future of neoliberalism becomes uncertain, we are increasingly finding ourselves in three-way fights that pit us against both the reigning authorities and far-Right nationalists driven by their own vision of civil war.

How do we strategize for conflicts that involve three or more sides, so that one adversary does not benefit from our victories against another side? This has been a problem for anarchists at least since the Russian Revolution.

In this presentation, we will introduce the concept of non-binary conflict, consider case studies of contemporary three-sided conflicts around the world, and discuss how this can inform our struggles against fascists, the Trump administration, and the centrists of the Democratic Party.

More Info:, CrimethInc. interview with It’s Going Down looking back at 2018, Humboldt Bookfair website.

Music: Tragedy “The Ending Fight,” and From Ashes Rise, “The Final Goodbye”

photo: Markus Spiske via Unsplash

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