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Apr 21, 17

Call for a Day of Denunciation From Political Prisoner Miguel Peralta

This April 30th will mark two years of my detention and confinement. Two long years that I could narrate to you: in instants, hours, minutes, nights and days of anxiety, of impotence, of hatred of the state and its functionaries. Two long years of an everyday that wears on me, in the individualism that we are forced to reproduce (which I hate), and in the necessities and sicknesses that the prison walls generate in us. Lost time?  No.  Not in the company of the comrades in solidarity, in daily resistance, in shared lessons; not with the support of those that I didn’t know, including those whom I don’t know personally but that I know through a smile, in not forgetting to see the new sun and to dream, in the rejection of total control.

It is well known that the official justice system does not work for the people.  The despotic political class makes us believe that it dispenses justice, making its reforms at its own convenience, classifying us as criminals, terrorists or enemies. It makes us another number in their statistics, trying to standardize our consciousnesses, decorating the archives and dusty files with new concepts (that in the end fuck you if you do not enter into their reforms).  It is not enough to confirm your innocence but you furthermore must adapt to their manner of living, always submissive to them.  However, inside of us, we have that drop we call freedom that will never be converted into a law, nor will ever be reformed.

As long as impunity continues to govern as it does in Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, we will search ways to resist and organize ourselves, to bring down those who are believed to be untouchable, those that act as defenders of the community whom produce news with stolen money.  While in the community they only feed their egos, their stories and their methods of repression, imposing themselves with threats and clubs to those that they supposedly “defend and represent”…

As part of this daily resistance, this April 30th we invite people, collectives and those who desire to join in a day of denunciation and demand for our freedom using the means of communication.  We propose banners, paintings, calls to the judge of Huautla (012363780324), political events or whatever else—something to make yourselves seen and your voices heard, that we are fed up and that we demand freedom for the political prisoners of Oaxaca and the world.  We also demand a safe return to their homes, of those still being persecuted and displaced.

Finally, I want to send greetings to all of those that have been present in these two long years and a special thanks to the collective “Los Otros Abogados”, that have highlighted the mockery and cynicism of this supposed justice.  Solidarity to the hunger strike of the political prisoners of Palestine in Israel, and with the Nahua and Purépecha communities of Michoacán!

Freedom to Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca
Freedom to Roque Coca and Alvaro Sebastián
Freedom to the prisoners of Tlanixco and el Amate
Freedom to Fernando Bárcenas, Luis Fernando Sotelo, Abraham Cortés
Freedom to the Prisoners in Struggle
Prisoners to the Streets

Miguel Peralta
Cuicatlán, Oaxaca

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