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Aug 13, 16

Dear Little fascists on the Prairie: Antifa Summer Vacation

Submitted to It’s Going Down

A few antifascist friends decided to take a little road trip out to the sleepy town of Salina, Kansas to leave notice to the two racist garbage bags who were recently day tripping it to Kansas City to “fash the city,” with Identity Europa posters. We rolled into town after having spent hours discussing just where two shit-town hipster fascist love birds might kick back after a long day of being literal pieces of shit. Turns out that Salina didn’t have a TGIFridays or a Buffalo Wild Wings. So we figured we’d hit them where it hurt. Salina’s coffee shop. If we know anything about hipster garbage, fascists or not, it’s that they love a fucking latte. If we didn’t catch Katy and Gabriel there, we would certainly leave a message that one of their buddies could run across.

Katy Galloway and Gabriel Wilson, did you two think no one would bother taking the trip? It’s Summer and that means road trip season, assholes. Don’t get ahead of yourselves though. Your godforsaken town is on the way to literally anywhere, smack dab in the middle of these so-called United States.


In a time crunch to get the fuck out of Kansas, we just had a few minutes to leave some messages behind at the coffee shop in the otherwise deserted downtown. We feel confident in a town of that size one of the people you bullied in high school will have spotted it and spread the news that everyone already knew: you’re both nazi garbage and can die already.

Little fascists on the prairie, we see you. We know where you work. We know where you live. Antifa buddies, I-35 and I-70 are on the way to a whole lot of places. Let’s make sure we don’t leave these sleepy eyed towns out of it when we bash the fash.

Antifa everywhere. From Sacramento to Salina, we fucking see you.

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