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Aug 8, 18

Defend DC From White Supremacy: #AllOutDC Weekend Of Events

The Shut It Down DC Coalition, representing 38 different organizations and local groups in the DC metropolitan area, has released a schedule of events for the upcoming mass days of action from Friday to this Sunday, in opposition to the neo-Nazi and Alt-Right rally, Unite the Right.

Free School

Friday – August 10th

St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church – Washington, DC

1525 Newton St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20010

For more information, questions or anything else please contact [email protected].


SECTION 1: 3:30:pm-4:30pm:


The panel will consist of multiple speakers who will address the question of how to abolish white supremacy and why, centering on the voices of black, brown and indigenous experience.

SECTION 2: 4:40PM-5:25PM:


short training on deescalation skills for day of for non-deescalators.

PROTEST HEALTH (90 minutes)

what to wear, bring, and do to stay safe at an action. Street medics and what they do, eye flush demo, situational awareness tips.


This workshop is for people of color who want to get a practical framework on how toxic messages from oppression get internalized and concrete tools to notice them showing up and releasing them. So they can reground in their whole self and agency. This will allow them to address everyday oppression from a more loving and just place – starting with themselves.


For JEWS AND ALLIES: Anti-semitism is a key piece of white supremacist ideology. In this workshop we’ll unpack what anti-Jewish oppression is, how it relates intersectionality to other forms of oppression both historically and today, identify it as it shows up on the Right and the Left, and talk about how Jews and allies together can resist all oppression.


Aaron Goggans [former member and co-creator of BLM DC] will be giving a workshop on the Build/Block/Be framework. The workshop will be about ways of connecting direct action with building alternative structures and healing work so that in addition to shutting down Nazi rallies we can “build a new world in the shell of the old.”

SECTION 3: 5:35pm-6:05PM:

Queer/Femme/Two-Spirit/Gender Non-Conforming/Trans/Womxn/Disability Resistance

In this discussion, we will facilitate a conversation about how in a predominantly white-cis-machismo environment, we can establish our own boundaries going in to high pressure resistance settings. We’ll discuss the ways we can support each other as queers, femmes, two-spirit, trans, gender non-conforming, womxn or disabled in the face of imminent violence coming from white supremacist colonial patriarchy. This teach-in is open to everyone, but primarily a space for queer, femme, two-spirit, trans, gender non-conforming, womxn and disabled voices, so if you are not any of those please take this opportunity to listen.


How can we best keep comrades safe during actions? This workshop will look at the security roll, threat assessment, exit plans, and explore ways to address different common security scenarios at actions.


Law for Black Lives (L4BL) presents information about the legal risks of demonstrations and civil disobedience, what your rights are during protests, and what to do if you are arrested. We will focus on the basic legal information you need when interacting with the police and other government agents.


This workshop is for white people who want to understand how white supremacy gets internalized by people of European descent and show up in unconscious ways. It will provide concrete tools to hold space for their anger and fear around having unintentional racist beliefs and behaviors. This will allow them to compassionately take responsibility for their internalized whiteness and choose another way in order to take anti-racism action.


SECTION 4: 6:25PM-7:00PM:


This workshop will focus on the direct analysis of non-violence rhetoric and how this plays out in resistance inside and outside activist spaces. Who has the monopoly on force and its mechanism and why do we need to celebrate self-defense and other form of resistance and decolonize our own bias pertaining to mobilization, to liberation.

PROTEST HEALTH (90 minutes)

what to wear, bring, and do to stay safe at an action. Street medics and what they do, eye flush demo, situational awareness tips.


Black only space – a discussion based session about the experience of confronting police, alt-right, KKK, and neo nazis as black people in the trump era. This will be a place for kin to share your hopes, and fears, questions and concerns around the upcoming weekend of resistance. Kin will also hear updates from black organizers on how you can stay in community and plug into the movement.


As the grassroots demand to dismantle and AbolishICE is growing, join this interactive workshop to learn how #AbolishICE is more than just a hashtag. True abolition of ICE would be just that, ending the agency, not replacing it with other ways to attack migrants. In this workshop, we’ll discuss ideas including addressing the root causes of forced displacement/migration, ending the criminalization of migration and marginalized communities, and the incarceration to deportation pipeline.


This skillshare will focus on some essential tools and tactics for staying safer when organizing around white supremacists. Holistic security takes into consideration threats to our digital, physical, and psychosocial well-being. We’ll do a very brief introduction to risk analysis, but most of our time will be spent covering the threats you can expect and talking about how to address them holistically. We’ll be focusing on both community and individual strategies and issues.

SECTION 5: 7:10PM-7:55PM:


A workshop focusing on how cops operate, what gear and weapons they use, what tactics they use, how they think, and why they aren’t as powerful as they seem.


Interested in learning self-defense? Want to learn how to block a punch and hit a fascist back? Then come and learn self-defense with other like-minded people. This class will teach you the introductory points of gung fu as well as important pointers from Tae Kwan Do and Judo. You’ll learn how to throw and take a punch. Maintain a strong stance. And importantly, how to defend yourself and others in your community. If nazis want to fight, let’s fight back. Be prepared to spar and sweat.


Overview of white supremacy today and how it is being investigated. The lesson will be about tactics, and how we should go forward with new ones. Antifa is known for gathering information on white supremacists, which is commonly referred to as boxing. We will discuss how to be efficient in boxing efforts, to make sure that the right information is getting out about the right people. Daryle Lamont Jenkins has been researching white supremacists, Nazis, and fascists since the 1980s.

RADICAL MEDIA with Lacy MacAuley

If we don’t tell our own story, others will tell it for us, and they will get it wrong. But how do we tell our story while reflecting non-hierarchical organizing models, honoring and not tokenizing the voices of marginalized communities, and respecting diversity of tactics? And how do we do all of that when mainstream media will twist our words and right-wing adversaries will dox our people? The answer is not in spin but in being fearlessly ourselves and shifting the Overton window. We’ll discuss.


Virginia Students United Against White Supremacy

Saturday – August 11th

7 PM – The Rotunda, University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Join us, student and community activists, on August 11th to reclaim the North Plaza of the Rotunda and demand justice for those who have suffered at the hands of white supremacy. We are calling on you to rally with us. Bring your friends, your community, your people.

More info here.

No Nazis In DC

Sunday – August 12th

ANSWER Rally: No Nazis, No KKK In DC

Lafayette Square – 1 PM

ANSWER Coalition is holding a rally at Lafayette Square starting at 1pm. A variety of other groups such as the DSA have signed on in support.

More info here.

Help stop the white supremacists rallying on the Charlottesville anniversary!

Donate today to make sure our Still Here, Still Strong rally on August 12 can happen: "Unite the Right 2" rally is being organized by white supremacist Jason Kessler and others on August 12 in Washington, D.C.In response, those of us who face oppression every day, who believe in solidarity, and who celebrate one another because of our differences, are showing up that day with our own rally that will drown out these hateful voices. In spite of all the efforts of white supremacy, generation after generation, to destroy us as indigenous, Black, queer, Muslim, Jewish, LatinX, Asian, femme, immigrant, disabled, and poor people, our Still Here, Still Strong rally will send a message that we are still alive, we are still here, and the resilience and solidarity we’ve built has made us stronger than ever.But as a coalition of grassroots organizations, we need support from our community. Donate today to make sure our Still Here, Still Strong rally on August 12 can happen:

Resist This 发布于 2018年7月30日周一

Still Here, Still Strong Rally

Freedom Plaza – 12-3PM

This rally will be a defiantly celebratory space, where we will center the identities of Black, Brown, indigenous, queer, Jewish, Muslim, disabled, workers, sex workers, and all other identities that white supremacy seeks to destroy. There will be a 3-hour program of speakers and musicians sharing their wisdom and experiences from the perspective of their intersecting identities. (This will be a permitted, safer space away from the white supremacist rally. Childcare, security and de-escalators will be present.)

More info here.

March to Lafayette Square

Freedom Plaza to Lafayette Square – 3: 30 PM

We are marching to where the white supremacists will be protesting. There will be a clear division between the end of the rally and the start of the march. You should not come on the march if you do not want to be put in a potentially risky/confrontational situation, as we will be in the same space as the white supremacist rally.

“Rise Up Fight Back” Black Lives Matter Contingent Call to Action

“Alt-Right Not Welcome” Abolitionist & Antifascist Bloc Call to Action

Rally at Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square – 4 PM

Continued rally in Lafayette Square. This is a higher risk space due to proximity with white supremacists, although we do still have a permit for the space.

Support the Mass Mobilization Against Hate

As local organizers, we are raising all of the funds for this action on our own, and we have just one week left to raise $10,000. Please support us however you can, and send this along to your email networks, FB groups and friends with good salaries! DONATE:

In struggle,
Shut It Down DC Coalition

While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media? donate?

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